Looking to upgrade from my Scarlett Solo

Hello everyone, I currently have a Scarlett Solo and a Schiit Stack (Asgard / Modius) I don’t like my scarlett solo so looking to see what I can get in terms of an upgrade, Also looking to get a different XLR microphone, Any recommendations? Budget $400 - $500

Motu M2 would probably be a great upgrade and comes in at half your budget. That’s what I use for my WFH, audio, and gaming setup. Zeos did a review on it and directly compares it to the Scarlet. Outside of that it depends on what your use of your mic is and your headphone situation.

Depending on the mic, maybe get a dedicated Mic-Preamp over another audio interface.

I wouldnt mind upgrading my microphone and getting the dedicated mic preamp, I’m just unsure what combo to get?