Looking to upgrade SHP9500S for gaming

Quick disclaimer, i’m still a newb when it comes to audio and i’m still learning.

My current setup for gaming right now is the SHP9500S with the fiio e10k and a modmic 5. I’ve been using the SHP9500S for about 3 years now. The sound-stage and imaging have been okay from my experience. I have a hard time locating enemies if they are directly in front, behind and above me. I can only hear enemies when they’re like 15ft away from. Teammates and friends have been able to pinpoint easier than i have.

I’ve done a bit of research here and there and came up with some options to pick from based on other popular choices that i liked and would like to get some perspective from people who have used these headphones to help me pick one out. My budget for headphones is $200 or below. For headphones that required a stronger amp, my budget for amps is $100 or below.

  • HD599
  • DT990
  • DT880
  • TYGR 300R
  • ATH-AD700X
  • ATH-AD900X

For amp upgrade, if needed, I was thinking between the magni 3+/heresy and the atom. Any other suggestions and opinions, for headphones and amps, would be appreciated as well.

Edit: I just relised that some of these headphones currently at the time of posting this may be more expensive but at some other time were/are below $200 because of the covid price gauging and probably out of stock in other places i think.

Where are you currently located?

If your priority is specifically gaming, you will want something that is treble forward (for the footsteps and gunshots) and also have good sound stage + imaging.

Out of the equipment you mentioned, I would recommend either of the Beyers but you should get the 600 ohm variant, which means you’ll likely upgrade your amp.

I would recommend the Atom, followed by the Heresy, whichever you can land cheaper.

It’ll be a touch above your budget after taxes and shipping though.

Yeah I was thinking between the 880s and the tygr 300r. 300r is fairly new so I’m not seeing that many reviews on it.

Edit: also my state doesn’t have sales tax.

When the ATH-AD700x’s are similar to the 500x’s, those would by my pick.
My 500x’s have served me well for a long while in gaming. I ran them directly of my soundcard (Creative Soundblaster-Z) for the longest time, so I am sure your E10K would drive them just fine.

Their bass will let you know when there is an explosion, will not drown out any foot steps though. In more practical terms, I could always tell where enemies were.

One aspect to keep in mind is the earcups only swivel left-right and the cable is somewhat stubborn.

Above is literally Impossible to do for the most part depends entirely on how good a game portrays it. The direct upgrades are the 880 from my experience neutral sound sig. Good imaging all round can’t do above but everywhere else is great . For an amp to pair it with the liquid spark is the general go to for beyers around here.

Thanks for the info. Like I said before, I’m thinking between the tygr 300r and the 880. Leaning more towards the tygr.