Looking to upgrade, what are the bassiest headphones you know of?

As said in title. I currently own a pair of Sony Xb950n1, they’re a pretty decent pair of bass cans but I’m looking to upgrade since I’ve been noticing a pop/crack on high volume in some specific tracks. I want to find the biggest baddest bass cans this planet has to offer.
Type of music I listen to

What’s your budget my guy?

I would say between 150-750. I know it’s kind of broad but I’m willing to save for a few months to get the right pair of headphones.

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For that kind of money you could get a schiit Loki so you can tune any headphone you want to be bassy.

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But aside from that the fostex thx00 from massdrop are awesome for bass really fun

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I’d spend a lot of money and drive a pair of Stax SR-009 as they deserve.

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Z says the TR-X00 Purpleheart are bass mad…and in his review of the Loki, I think he used the sub-bass and mid-bass dials to make his body vibrate with either the Senn HD58x or 600’s. so you could consider getting an EQ like the Schiit Loki or the JDS Objective to boost what you already have.

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Dekoni Blues are bass cannons. I use those when I listen to dubstep and rap.

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I have TR-X00 Purplehearts and they really are bass monsters. I’d recommend getting something to make the headband more comfortable and then if you get the Dekoni Attenuation Ring and some ZMF Eikon Pads that brings even more sub-bass than with the stock pads. You really feel a physical pressure of the bass with these.

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Can also rec X00 PH. Have them, and taped EX800STs. (certified bassiest IEMs) Off the top of my head bass doesn’t seem quite as massive on the X00s as on the EX800STs, but it’s pretty close. The X00s are much better in bass quality, and pretty much everything else, but to me can be a bit fatiguing at times.

Modhouse Argons have great bass if powered right.
You could get Argons, a emotiva a100, a schiit loki and a cheap dac with your budget

I’ve also heard that the Massdrop Fostex TR-X00 Purpleheart are supposed to be extremely bass heavy.

I have the Dekoni Blue and the TR-X00 PH. When it comes to bass quantity, the X00 doesn’t come close to the Blue. In terms of extension, the X00 can dig deeper but maintains a more balanced presentation. The Blue will find all the bass in a recording and use it to thump your skull relentlessly.

If you have a recording with somewhat anemic bass, the Blue will make it thick and rich and it’s super enjoyable. If you have a boomy recording with muddy bass, the Blue is downright unpleasant. The X00 will never overdo the bass in the way the Blue will but it won’t make the anemic recordings sound nearly as fun.

Now that you’ve had the purple hearts for a while, how do you feel about them and how do you think they stack up?

I think the PH are a big step up overall from everything else I have (6xx, 4xx, Blue, 99 Noir).

The Good:

Midrange is exceptional. Detail and clarity are on par with the 6xx. They never get harsh or fatiguing.

Bass extension is great and they provide more body and overall excitement than the 6xx.

The Bad:

The Blue has really spoiled me for that thumping bass fun and the PH doesn’t quite deliver as much is I would like sometimes. I would say the Blue overdelivers by about twice as much as the PH underdelivers. That’s probably a good thing, but, maybe I wouldn’t mind if the PH overdelivered a bit more, if you know what I mean.

The stock earpads didn’t cut it for me. I replaced them with Dekoni Elite Hybrid pads and that definitely brought the overall experience up a notch.

All in all, I’m very happy with them and I appreciate the recommendation. These will keep me happy for a while.

I’m also looking forward to the next step up to see what that’s like. So far the TH-900Mk2 and the LCD-2C sound intriguing but at those price points, I would have a hard time buying them without hearing them first. I’m definitely going to RMAF again next year and will check out any local Head-Fi meets.

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What amp are you using with them again? You can also eq the bass on the purple hearts too and it works really well

Jotunheim Multibit balanced.

Ah, you should have plenty of power then, perhaps consider trying a slight eq for the bass if you want a bit extra, it might go a long way

Edit: also there is a chance the pad change decrease the amount of bass

Yeah, power isn’t an issue and I don’t listen very loud. That’s probably one of reasons I like such bassy headphones. It’s like having a built-in loudness switch.

The only thing I’ve noticed since switching pads is that some recordings had a really narrow soundstage. Almost like they were Mono. Can’t imagine that being the pads, though. Especially since they’re thicker. It could just have been crap production, though.

I’m kind of eyeing the Loki but I dislike having too many settings to fiddle with. It make me a little crazy trying to figure out what is correct. I ultimately want to forget about the whole signal chain between hitting the play button and listening to the music.

I’m also thinking of trying the Topping DX7 Pro since my MacBook is a bit temperamental connecting to the Jotunheim’s USB interface.

So many choices. :slight_smile:

Lol yeah a whole lot to try out there