Looking TWS IEMs rec

So a friend of mine asked for a TWS IEMs, after a long argument he’s not into a TWS adapter
(don’t get me started, he’s an idiot but he “my” idiot" )
So i still want to help out but my knowledge of TWS iems is rather limited (too spoiled).

So any recs up to 100$ and also res from a 100-200 would be great (I still want to try and sell him on the adapter so i want 2 price brackets)

Alot of peeps recommend the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.
Got the plus version for ~ 60€ and for a wireless it doesn’t sound bad. Good bass actually.
I have different standards for TWS and low expectations tho.

There’s a buyers guide by crinacle if that helps a bit.


Soundpeats has good stuff for cheap.

Crinacle’s recs are good, although don’t get bogged down in the technical grading.

I’ll also suggest avoid Anker. For some reason all their sets sound so tinny in the highs, and the EQ in their upper-end offerings is a joke.

If I was going to grab something, it would be the Lypertek Tevi or an Amazon Renewed Sony XM10238120398123019 or whatever the fuck they’re called.

ya i never got their naming scheme, like why are the IEMs and the headphones have the same name?

Well, their headphones are WH, wireless headphones.

Their TWS are WF… wireless fuck-em-mabobs.

If only these companies got their heads out of their asses and gave a few more bucks to the marketing department. :rofl:

If the difference is one single letter then you are doing something wrong
I’d avoid giving more money to those dumbasses, its probably the same folks who though the “air pods max” was a good idea for headphones (and i work at marketing).

Sometimes i think they are better off just asking a random person on the street

I saw zeos recommend these:

I’m very satisfied with the EarFun Air (non-pro)
and if I’m not mistaken, there’s a WELCOME30 coupon that’s still active

they sound pretty good for a TWS, the only issue I’ve had is that if I have a lot of bluetooth/wi-fi devices active around me, they sometimes get digital noise. But I think that’s an issue on all TWS IEMs, no?

Hi, does anyone knows how the Final ZE3000 compares against the Galaxy Buds Pro?