Lost one of my Legacy 3 IEMs. Wanting to upgrade. Any suggestions?

Ok, I love the sound of my Legacy 3s. Just lost the left one. Looking for a replacement / Upgrade. Suggestions please!

What’s your budget?


10 char

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Library and preferences so people can help you with it :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to spend over $300. My IEMs are for commuting/shopping etc.



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Ebay lost n found?

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Thieaudio legacy 4 :wink:

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The Durutti Column, David Bowie, Faithless, The The, Klaus Schulze, 10cc, ABC, Agnes Obel, Al Green, Amy Whinehouse, Art of Noise, Arctic Monkeys, Barry White, Beach Boys, Bent, Billie Eilish, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Boris Blank, Yello, Buena Vista Social Club, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Chris Liebing, The Clash, David Guetta, Dead Can Dance, Divine Comedy, The Doors, Ed Sheeran, Enigma, Erasure, Eurythmics, Everything But The Girl, George Ezra, George Michael, Gorillaz, Haelos, Happy Mondays, House of Love, Human League, Hurts, Ian Dury, Iggy Pop, Jamie T., Japan, John Cale, Jools Holland, Joy Division, Kasabian, Kovacs, Kristina Train, Led Zeppelin, Leftfield, Leonard Cohen, London Grammar, Lou Reed, LP, Massive Attack, Moby, Nick Drake, Odesza, OMD, Paolo Nutini, Pet Shop Boys, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Pulp, Scissor Sisters, The Sixteen, Scott Walker, Seal, Stereo MCs, Style Council, Talk Talk, Talking Heads, Thomas Dolby, Tears for Fears, Tom Walker, U2, The Waterboys, to name but a few. Also jazz, classical, Mowtown, Funk. Not Country & Western. Don’t listen to much Rock, and no metal.

As for listening preferences, I simply cannot abide bright treble!

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Oh boys, genres only would have done! :rofl: I do some of those as well, good library. I don’t like treble very much as well. My rec:

Yes, Mangird Tea



A very nice lady at my local watering-hole asked me if I’d lost something. Lo-and-behold it was my missing IEM. Sometimes it helps being known as Headphone Dave.
Enjoyed listening to my Mele’s over the last week, but glad to have my L3s back.
However, I have set my sights on a set of Teas for Christmas.
Onwards and upwards!
Thanks for the advice folks.



That’s amazing! And it wasn’t crushed, soaked in filthy water, and tortured for secrets?

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Returned safe and sound, unblemished, and in perfect working order.
Faith in humanity restored.


We got one more guys.

Welcome to the cult.


I feel I deserve it after the last week’s trauma!

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Default - Tea, O2, B2 / D. For these musical preferences, you can also consider a good planner or DD.

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