Low profile IEMs for under ear muffs?

I’m looking for some low profile, in ear [audio devices] that don’t protrude outside my ears a lot for bringing to work. I’m currently using Tin T2’s with comply foam tips under peltor ear muffs and at the end of the day I am in extreme pain. Not looking to spend a lot, and sound quality doesn’t need to be life changing, just need podcasts and music to drown out the lawn mowers and equipment.

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Check out the Blon BL-03s, I fall asleep in them quiet often and wear a set at work all day.

Do you think the BL-05s are gonna hold up? Or is it just not worth the fuss and $15

I’ve not heard the 05s, liked the 03s enough to order a second pair off Drop though.

Ikko OH1’s are snug and low profile. You may forget they’re in your ears.

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Blon 03 is better for me. And it is less fatiguing too, so it will suit you better.

BL03 sound great and have a low profile fit that I can use under noise cancelling headphones. However, they have very low noise isolation just like the Tin T2.

Tin-hifi P1
VERY low profile and you get a super detailed IEM.

Got the BL03 shortly after posting and was so happy with them, almost exactly what I was looking for. Have had problems with them recently where after about an hour of use the left channel will slowly go quiet until completely silent. But they’re so cheap I don’t feel too bad using them practically disposable. I use them at least 30 hours a week so I feel like they have served their purpose over 6 months. Will probably try the bl05s next cuz I probably don’t wanna rock FH7 with a weedeater.

sounds like a moisture issue with them…

They get back the sound after you let them “rest” for a while right?

Take a look at the mesh on them, to see if it is clogged up or anything.