🔷 Loxjie D30

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  • USB, Coax, Toslink, BT 5.0
  • AKM4493, BT up to Apt-X, 110mW @ 32 ohms
  • Variable line out, remote

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One thing: The video has a link to Hifi-Express, but I suggest you to not buy from them. I bought an SA300 from them and it took 6 months to arrive. During this time they were never able to inform me anything, and they always asked of me to be patient and the package was on the way. When I contacted the shipping company, I was informed my package was lost. It ended up appearing, but it took a lot of time and, at this point, I had already bought another amp and was using it for months.

If you value good customer experience, I strongly suggest you look for another company.

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