🔷 Loxjie D50

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Loxjie D50

  • USB, Coax in, toslink, I2S input, xlr and rca output
  • AK4499EQ, BT 5.0 with APTX support
  • Remote Functionality

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Nice! I’m debating between this one and the Soncoz SGD1. Any opinions?

I haven’t found a dac that has a decent usb implementation so I’d say get the d50 and use something like a douk u2 pro and use I²S.

Do you have the D50? What are your thoughts vs other similarly priced DACs?

I accidentally replied to myself lol…

I haven’t tried the d50 but I did try the soncoz and it was ok but I landed on the gustard x16. The difference from usb to I²s was pretty noticeable in basically every way so im just making assumptions that just like every single other dac I’ve tried there would be a big benefit with I²s on the d50.

edit - I commented about Loxjie and their success in the budget space…but I see that I’m mistaken as the majority of their prices are well above the budget space. perhaps I was thinking of xDuoo, but they have no DAC and I’m pretty sure I was thinking of someone with both DAC and amps.

ah well…

the question then is whether you can / will trust a newcomer who’s asking for a lot more than pocket change when they have no name in the game…

I did :+1:

And I’m rather enthusiastic, considering what the DAC delivers in terms of tonal quality, for the price that is called up.

The DAC drives these two amplifiers,

and yes, it delivers a tremendously good sound experience in these combinations :bangbang:

I’m even thinking about buying a second one to pair my stereo with.


Does it support LDAC or AptX-HD?