LTT video on "audiophile" network switch

this should be a fun video :slight_smile:

Really really wish their titles gave any clue at all to what they were testing. I will watch this now but would have ignored for ever without this post.


Its the utube title game right now. Click bait titles will always get more views. At least with this they have the product in the thumbnail. I watch a lot of their videos mostly because I know that the content will be entertaining even if it doesn’t apply to me, which most of the time it doesn’t.


yah. I get why they do it (they have talked about it on wan show several times), just kind of annoying since I dont realy have time to watch all their stuff and need to be more selective tbh,

First of, Hamming Code would like a word with the “audiophool switch maker”. Then, as mentioned in the video, there is error correction built into TCP.

Some previous version of the Switch was based on the IP178CH switch chip, which is as DUMB as it gets. That thing is not going to do jack shit in real time.

Video explaining Hamming Code:


Lol I hadn’t noticed the garbage title since I already knew what the video was just from the thumbnail. Every week now on the LTT subreddit, it seems like there’s at least one post that blows up calling out their clickbait. And then an argument ensues about whether people should keep bringing it up.

right on time lol

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just about all the tech channels are click bait. reality is, theres not a lot new and exiting in tech all that often and they need daily videos.

Fascinating - thanks!

Did not even watch… click bait failed.