LXC + SDAC or Topping DX7 Pro or Other?

I’m looking for a headphone DAC/AMP for use at work. I’m currently using the Jotunheim Multibit which is great but I want to take it home. I’m currently using the Fostex TR-X00 PH with a balanced cable but I want the option to run single ended if I end up with headphones that don’t support balanced.


  1. Single unit with DAC (I don’t want a stack of equipment and interconnects in my cube).
  2. Balanced output.
  3. Budget: $300 - $600

So far I have identified two contenders:

Massdrop LXC + SDAC

  • Less expensive
  • Lots of power on the balanced output
  • Well liked DAC


  • Limited input options (but all I really need is USB)
  • Weak single-ended output (most reviewers say don’t bother using it)

Topping DX7 Pro

  • Highly regarded DAC
  • Nice display
  • Lots of input options


  • More expensive
  • Less power overall

Are there any other options I should consider?

The Klipsch heritage headphone amp is a good thing to consider imo


After much deliberating, I put in an order for the LCX + SDAC. Then they cancelled it a few days later. It’s out of stock and they don’t know if or when they’ll be getting more. They gave me $10 off my next order for my troubles. Oh, well.

Then I saw that they had an ongoing Drop for the DX7s for only $325. Take an extra $10 off and that’s a bargain that’s hard to argue against. Considering I’m leaning more towards prioritizing studio monitors at my desk over headphones, the headphone section is less important at the moment. The DX7s would also serve as a very cable DAC or DAC/Preamp if I want to use it out in the living room.