M300 Optical In Busted?

Hey all,

Just got a pair these the other day, trying to hook them up to my TV ( NU6900 Smart 4K UHD TV), and the only sound I get is a buzzing fuzz sound. Fairly certain its not the TV since the board was just replaced about 1 month ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any other optical sources to check with. Thoughts? Maybe I’m just missing something?
Thanks in advance.

What is your tv set for regarding the optical out? It might be misconfigured in the settings which is common.

The Digital Audio Output format is set to PCM in the expert settings audio menu. It’s the only option available

make sure you are actively on the input or app that is causing you problems, and then check to see if the output format changes

:zipper_mouth_face: That was it. Was set to Digital Dolby when Netlix/ Plex was running. Thanks for the pointers, I was getting pretty frustrated heh.

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Works fine now? Sometimes they have to be set to the input or app in order to change the correct setting

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Yep! Everything seems to be working just fine. Annoying that you can’t set global settings from the main menu, but that’s a Samsung issue. Thank you again, between this and the stands I bought not really fitting in my living room, it’s been a frustrating evening

Np, I you have any other questions feel free to ask :+1:

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