M40X or Coolermaster MH752

I just can’t choose between them. Budget around 100$+. I play games 70% and sometimes listen to music (electronic and some lo fi) 30%. I need closed back to not disturb people around my room, but also i suffer from summer heat, so I wanna buy velour pads (i consider that for m40x). Microphone doesn’t matter cuz i wanna buy v-moda (or perhaps Sony ECMCS3). Maybe ya know any other options or alternatives which is even better?

th e mh 752 is better for gaming

if you suffer from summer heat an open back might be better for you.

If you end up picking the MH75x and don’t need the 7.1 dongle. Save the $20 and get the 751. That’s the only difference in models.

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I know that, but i don’t want that other people like my sister will hear some noises which comes out my ears :(((

i see so yeah mh 751 would be better for your purposes.

is there no difference in sound so in 752 goes with usb dac?

their is but your motherboard audio might just sound better as long as you have a decent motherboard made in like the past 5 years.

oww okay, thank you for your helpful reply!

let me clarify their will be a difference. but barely noticable but you saving money overall might treat you better in the long run. also the dongle dacs usually aren’t very good. so your motherboard audio chipset might even sound better


I own both headphones, and there is a difference of sound between them. The MH75x have more soundstage, and have a subtle crisp in the highs that feels so good, but, they lack a bit of bass, compared to the M40X, which I think has a well rounded performance.

The other difference is comfort, I love the M40X sound but the MH75x are just soo comfortable, and if you have a DAC with bass boost (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to use it if you’re an audiophile, but I think it really gets the bass just right when I activate it on my FiiO Q1).

For your specific needs, I would definitely go with the MH75x, because of the comfortableness, the fact that it produces less heat, and that it comes with a microphone, which, honestly, sounds really good for gaming and voice calls, etc., and it’s detachable for when you don’t need it.

In terms of MH751 vs MH752, if you don’t have a dedicated DAC, then I would recommend getting the MH751, because it really improves the sound and loudness. BUT, that being said, I would invest in a dedicated DAC anyway, for that small lack of bass (helps with what you listen to), and gives you better sound quality.

curious about this do the mh 752 have the bass vent holes that came with the takstar pro 82?

Thanks a lot for the timely advice! Then I’ll buy mh75x and save some money for decent dac as u recommended!

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No. It’s just the 751 with a USB soundcard

How are the highs comparatively? I mostly use close backs for office and travel. I ended up returning my m40x and got a pair of Meze 99 Noir (different sound signature).

I’m not sure about what bass vent holes you mean, but I don’t think the MH75x have them. What I do know is that the Takstar Pro 82 have a switch for the bass level, but the MH75x have a fixed bass level, so no switch.

Personally, I like the highs on both, even though they do sound different, it’s tough to explain it. Asside from the slight lack of bass, I would probably prefer the MH75x over the M40x, just because of the comfortableness and the extra soundstage. Plus, if your DAC has a bass boost, then your’e golden.

I have no idea what the Meze 99 sound like.The MH75x have the most narrow frequency response of all three, but it’s a matter of personal preference.

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Are the MH75x bright sounding? I have a bright pair of Blon Bosshifi B8 and I’d like to try a different sound. I was opting to try open-backs with the SHP9500 but it seems they have similar sound to B8.

I think it’s more on the balanced a bit warmer side. I don’t think it’s dark or anything but it’s not bright imo

I agree with the last comment.