M570 amazon.ca pricing error take advantage while you can

To the Canadians wanting an intiration of the sendy they seem to have made a mistake and not selling it to us for the intended $400 CAD

@Marzipan it’s time lol

I’m so borked it’s not funny :frowning:

besides, at this point, I need a DAC n Amp moar.

Whatchu using rn my guy? Cause the liquid spark and topping d10 on amazon is a decent deal but would wait till next week to buy

hey RG…I’m gonna get the Atom and the KTB. I want as neutral / natural, clean, clear, transparent and uncolored stack as possible.

Understandable… I might grab myself an atom eventually but I love my LS too much and kinda prefer it over the atom

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well, once I have that as the base, I can work on finding warm and cool DACs and Amps and have a wider variety of sound profiles to play with. :wink:

there is a method to my madness!

Honestly I would just grab a schiit loki at that point