M570 vs he4xx. Which should I buy?

I’m looking for something that has great instrument separation and is veeeery sharp as well as have good imaging.

What are you looking for overall out of the headphones? As this may make it easier for people to recommend something based on your own preferences as there are likely better options in your price range rather than just looking at two sets of headphones.

What sort of budget are you looking at spending, and what sorts of music are you going to be listening to? As these are usually good starting points to help others guide you to what you are looking for.

As for the headphones you’ve mentioned, I don’t personally have experience with the m570s, but for the HE4XX I personally felt like it didn’t really do anything special compared to my other headphones other than maybe airyness, but once I got my sundaras (which can be found for the same price as a m570) I felt like the 4xx was pretty much redundant in my collection.

I want something bright, good sound stage, imaging and have really good highs and lows (v shaped)

Also I found both were at 180$ on Amazon (the m570 was renewed but I’m ok with that)

Also also, if I do get the m570, can an aune b1 power them at around 110db?

In that sort of price range I think you may be better looking into a dynamic headphone rather than planar, as your aune b1 will more than likely struggle to drive planars.

In terms of your requirements, I think that although they’re not v shaped, a hifiman sundara (if you can stretch to that) or a dt880 250 ohm would do pretty well, they are more on the bright side, but the sundara (if it has to be a planar you’re get) has great bass impact since it’s a planar. Although I’ve not heard the 250 ohm 880, from what I’ve gathered it’s almost as good as the 600 ohm which I do have and that has really good soundstage, bass quantity for a brighter headphone and very nice highs and mids

Fostex T50RPs + Shure 840 pads are also excellent if you want a V-shaped sound.

But 110dB will make you deaf fast, unless you are already and that’s why you want 110dB.

Hardcore drumming requires way to much sound so I am already partially deaf.

I see. I don’t listen to music as loud as that, so I don’t even know if T50RPs can handle that. They’re on my head but my ears hurt well before 110dB.

They’re planars, though. They’ll definitely “knock”. But you definitely will need an amp for these, and for 110dB, a one watt amp, minimum (JDS Atom amp for brightness / xd-05 plus dac-amp for portable, etc).

Definitely not the m570. But if you want a very sharp sound with good instrument separation the he 4xx is definitely good at that but the dt 990 is also sharper and I say just as good.

So finally came down to either 880 or 990. Which should I choose. I am looking for nice shrill highs and really punchy slapped bass with good imaging and soundstage… good instrument separation is also a MUST because I’ve heard a lot of headphones and ones with bad instrument separation has always made it harder while playing drums. Also also I’ve heard the 990 sound hollow. I really hope this isn’t true because I do want a “full body” experience (though vocals and mods in general aren’t my highest priority) also if the 4xx are what I’m describing I’m still up to get those. I need to decide quick as I have to order them soon lol.

Beyer is legendary for their treble (lol) and DT880 are hard to beat for the price according to a lot of people (I mean, you see these everywhere).

Both the dt880 and 990 would be good for you tbh, if you want a bit more booming bass then the 990 is probably what you’re after, just be careful of what ohm variant you get since that aune will probably not drive the 600 ohm variant to that level of volume.

Also be aware that the 990 is known for being quite sharp

But do they veil the other sounds?(i heard that in a comparison between 880 and 990) Also ye I’m planning on the 250 ohm version

They seem to do very well at being clear and good with the imaging to me, I used them mainly for games until I got my 880s which are a bit more suited to my tastes

Well then it’s settled. I’m getting the 990s. Thx for the advice :slight_smile: (unless anything come last minute lol)

The 990 to me doesn’t sound hollow at least on my liquid spark the mids can sound scooped though but that’s by design being a more v shaped headphone. If you need shrill highs and punchy bass the 990 would suit your needs pretty good imo.