Mac Oratory autoeq Find Me Da Wayyy

I bought me a stupid new macbook pro…as a first time mac user after 3 month,everything is fine and easy on macos,but I havent found a way to install oratorys eq on macos cause I have multiple headphone so I would like to change them easily…is there a program to easily drag and drop te oratory files in the eq…if I have to pay 20$ for the program no big deal,but rather do it for free…just tell me da wayyyy

this is Apple and they’re very much like EA, pay to play! LoL!

Is there even a paid program that can give you multiple eq presets with just drag and drop from a downloaded eq preset file…I just want the Oratory eq on my mac…when Im tryin new headphones I dont wanna spend a few hours on the perfect eq…I wanna put in the Oratory eq and just first try them on near perfect harman sound.

I found it…there is a program called soundsource mac and it fits all my needs so I hope this info will help somebody.Its 30$ but it works really good.