Macbook Pro not recognizing Hip Dac

My Macbook Pro running Big Sur doesn’t seem to recognize that my Hip Dac is plugged in. The audio plays through the Macbook’s speakers with the Hip Dac plugged in and Grado headphones plugged into the Hip Dac. Works fine plugged into my Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You may need to go to ifi website and download a driver and firmware

Have selected the ifi product on the systems preferences > Sound?

(Didn’t notice Ohmboy had posted while I was writing)

But there’s also a possible explanation going back to basics:

In the above screen shot I’m showing the System Preferences/Sound dialogue box just below the right side of my menu bar. Because I have Show volume in menu bar selected, I have a speaker icon on my menu bar. When I want to switch my audio output to a particular device, I click on the speaker icon, then click on the output device I want to use.

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Same here…

I feel silly now. That did it. Thanks so much for your help.

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Cool glad we could help :+1:

PS welcome to HFGF :smiley: