Mackie MC-350 (closed back)


What do you think about the mackie 350? I haven’t seen many elaborate reviews about these headphones and I am curious as to why and how good they are? Does anyone own these headphones?

32 Ohm
50mm dynamic drivers
97dB sensetivity

Welcome to the small club of finding “unkown” headphones.

Accessories look good to me:

Well yeah I just expected it to have more hype around it since they make other music related products aswell. Most people compare the mc350 to the mc250 and say it’s a better version, but since i don’t own the 250 version I have not idea how good that might be.
I found this review which is the most detailed one i could find, but it’s one persons opinion.

On amazon the reviews are positive, but when you read some of them you might wonder if it is correct. Also how can the date first available be January 16, 2020 while people are complimenting the product in 2019? So that doesn’t help me much further :slight_smile:

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