🔶 Mackie MC-450

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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Just saw the review, and very very interested it has led me to a Legit question (especially given the title), I am ready to pull the tigger on a new pair of cans, and this may be the winner.

Looking at moving on from my dt 990 250OHMs, for gaming and music. I mainly use my OPPO PM3s for music and 990s for gaming.

I have a schiit Bifrost Multibit with Unison USB, and vali 2 amp.

I was looking at the DT 1990s as the upgrade, I have the money for either pair, however the dt 1990s are currently £372 and I can get the Mackie’s for £229.

I’m now unsure on what pair to get. Money isn’t a problem sure, however at this £143 differential, are the beyer’s really that much better.

Bought the MC-450s going to compare to the DT 990 250OHMs and see if I think they are worth the £230 upgrade. I Trust Zeos.

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So I have the Mackie’s and I think i prefer them to my PM3s not just the dt990s. Got them pluged into a bifrost> vali 2 (EH 6CG7 Tube) High Gain > Mackie mc-450s they destroy the 990s clean and actually I think I prefer them to the PM3s they are an absolutely amazing set of cans. The PM3s have the planar soudn and a bit of rumble which makes them more fun with certain types of music but the Mackies just sound right. I can’t descrie it, but I consider these high end headphones personally.

Zeos is spot on with these IMO

Ok I’ve goen sour on these and may return them. It’s dawned on me the soundstage is really narrow and not wide at allllllllll. Much narrower than the dt 990s

You had me on a real rollercoaster with your impressions.

But this helps. Think I’m realizing I don’t want something exactly going for neutral.

I don’t think they ar eneutral neutral, the treble and highs are very slightly emphasized but I do really like them, the soudn stage is not wide to me, but others say it rly is… However the iamging is spot on and playing Modern Warfare I could hear someone was infront running down and round the corner getting closer to the poitn I timed a shot perfectly. The 990s might be wider but they definitely didn’t have that imaging. These are still god cans to me, with the slight soudnstage issue to me personally. I would still recommend them to anyone and I significantly prefer them to the 990s.

Why are these called mixing headphones?