Mackie MR624 vs. Vanatoo T0

NO interest in subs. Which ones would you prefer and why?

They very different from the beginning for different kind of purposes. Other than hearing audio.

From those Mackies.
Larger m&b driver, basic studio monitor, A+B Amp, better FR range and XLR.

That’s what I was thinking. Ill be getting a single ended amp for my 880 600 but a balanced dac, so I would be able to make use of the balanced output. Also I like the idea of them being quiet and still being full. I assume with a passive radiator that you need to push them more for full function.

Depends on your space, for a desk get the vanatoo, big back ported speakers get super boomy in my experience if they don’t have space to breath…

Even if on a desk couldn’t you just move it back from the wall?
Is this the only issue with the mackie?
also is the vanatoo good at lower volumes?

thanks for the input so far guys

If you’re looking for a desk set up just go vanatoo, they’re designed for that, bigger speakers need distance and volume to get dynamics right, i think the mackies do have some dsp going on but after trying some stuff I’m not putting anything over 5 inches on top of my desk again(that’s what she said)

And yeh they sound fine low at volume, you can just turn up the bass manually if you need it too…