Magni 3 on discount, good deal?

The Schiit Magni 3 is on sale for like $75. Was thinking of getting an Amp since im currently using a Syba Sonic Dac Amp. Wanted to see if a better amp makes a difference. I have the HD58X and mostly stream music from Spotify. Is this worth the purchase ? From reviews it seems the Atom and Liquid Spark are better for $100-ish.

I think the atom or liquid spark are the better choices imo. I just think they outpreform the magni 3 in sound quality tbh.

I think they are dropping the price because of the new Magni 3+ and Magni Heresy

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Can the Atom and Spark power inefficient headphones like the Argon and 6XX?

Yes they can but according to z you need like a 10 watt amp to power the argons properly which I respectfully disagree with

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Yeah, should be just fine with that. I think there are way more power hungry headphones out there


Like the sextetts…

Or something like older hifiman (or even the 5se). Not going to mention the headphones that take speaker amps because that’s cheating

its now 59$ for magni3 or fulla2 from their website.

Dang now that’s a pretty good deal. The Magni 3 doesn’t have to compete with the atom and spark at that price

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i am thinking about picking up a fulla for the price lol, just to try it out =) got a few gaming headsets from before I discovered the much better that is out there :wink: