Mainstream music are mostly ass🙁

:grey_question::grey_question:for some reason always the music that i like does not have a lot views or listens for me i don’t have any fav song that more 500mil tell me do you have the same thing going on for you?:grey_question::grey_question:

there is nothing wrong with that…if you like niche music you like niche music and that’s allowed. that doesn’t mean you get to say anything you don’t like is ass; unless it’s country or has explicit lyrics. :wink:

there are only two things I don’t like…people who are intolerant of other cultures and the Dutch.


A lot of what i listen to is that way. And I am a ok with it.

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and as long as you’re not Dutch, we’ll be fine too!

ps - I’m Dutch (well, heritage, dad was the first birn in Canada), so I chuckle more than I should on that. :wink:

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You can say that to Hollywood movies and Triple A games recently.


I tend to listen to older music, and music from smaller, “independent”, bands. There are some new “pop” music that i like, but mostly i feel the typical radio hits are bland, over produced, lacks soul and most of the songs sounds the same.

Then again, being born in 1976 i’m probably to old to like new music now :stuck_out_tongue: And thats probably why i am stuck in 60/70s rock/prog rock/folk and 90s alternative/grunge with some disco, 90s dance and electronica sprinkled in. I also listen to a bit of jazz. Most of the music i listen to either has that “warm” 70s production feel, or with newer music it usually has a “rawness” from not being over produced and autotuned to death. Rick Beato had a video (not sure what it was called) where he showed how in modern production every beat was timed and aligned with no variation in speed vs older productions where timing was somewhat off by the smallest of margins. That was a part of why newer productions lack some energy and feel, and i pretty much agree with that. (that and autotune of course)

When i do listen to new music i do tend to listen to independent bands. Somewhat i do feel independent bands that has not had a huge commercial break through yet produces music with more soul and energy. I can imagine that once you have a hit and get signed up to a bigger label, there is more pressure and often the following albums gets “watered down” to hit a bigger marked. This, of course, is not something that happens to all bands/artist though.

I totaly agree with that, for me the over use of CGI in most modern action movies makes them boring and soulless to me. 80s and early 90s movies, where there still where many practical stunts looks better to me, as the CGI usually get the physics to look off like a computer game, instead of something believable (and everything gets too unrealistic, i.e. all the latest F&F movies).

As for both movies and computer games, i guess the bigger production (triple a) the broader the movie/game have to hit to please as many potential customer as possible for it to make money, hence it can loose “character” and get bland…


I don’t personally know anyone who listens to the same Techno artists as me. It’s sad but it’s okay.
And I gave up on subreddit r/Techno as it’s such a cesspool of toxic people.

To be honest when it comes to that genre. I have not heard a single techno from newer artists who produces from that genre, and I think most of the songs from Techno I only known them from their tones or their signature sounds and not by their song titles sadly for I am not much of a techno fan.

what kind of techno do you listen to or any suggestions

Speaking of mainstream music being good/bad, in my opinion people often overrate older music. The greatest songs from 60s, 70s, 80s etc. remain (for lack of better description) in “cultural hall of fame” and those that were catchy and “fashionable” enough to be on the charts but were not really remarkable are forgotten.

In other words, someone whose music tastes vastly differ from mainstream may feel the phenomeon I descripted above and it may give impression (to paraphrase OP) “Mainstream music being mostly ass”.

First thought: The title of this post reminds me of the most popular movie from the future world of the film Idiocracy.

Second thought: @podnosimyszafe makes some good points. The music that survives any era had to either be popular enough to create a sense of nostalgia for those who heard it while young strong enough for them to want to listen to it as older adults, or be actually good enough to appeal to future audiences. Often the measure of how great art is doesn’t happen in the time of the artist, but how much it survives beyond. That’s certainly true of the works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. The ability to record, mass produce, and sell music has revolutionized how we can tell how popular art is in its time. But, I think it will still be true that the only the best stuff will stand the test of time.

Third Thought: There really is some old music that has stood the test of time and likely will continue to do so. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and several more will be immortal. They both made great music and also shaped what music is today. And that’s just in rock 'n roll. The music of NWA, Public Enemy, etc. will also likely live forever. It’s not just that they were popular in their time, it’s how much the changed the landscape of what was popular. But where do you want to start this? Many of the great guitartists of the 1960s and 1970s credit Blues guirtarists as their inspiration.

Fourth Thought: I kinda agree with the OP here. To me one of the keys is how much the music of the 2010s and 2020s so far sounds just like the music of the back half of the 1990s. The decade of the 1960s had its own collection of sounds. They were the soundtrack of the decade so to speak. The 1970s had the same. The genres birthed in the 60s were maturing. New genres emerged. Then, the 1980s…an even bigger explosion of pop music diversity and sounds that we now recognize as quintessentially '80s. The 90s…grunge, post-grunge, the growing alternative scene, pop-punk, hip-hop becoming a mainstream genre, EDM (What Is Love? Baby don’t hurt me [gotcha, you’re singing it now]). Then, what happened in the 2000s? IMO it kinda stagnated. Top 40 got stuck. Now in 2020s it’s still a lot of the same recycled sounds. That to me is the biggest problem. This century’s pop music has lacked its own unique flavor.

Thought Five: I often wonder which early 21st century music artists will stand the test of time. IMO most pop acts out there are just trying to milk the formula perfected by prime Michael Jackson and Madonna. Honestly go back and listen to their stuff. Today’s pop sounds very similar…only more boring (IMO, I know, get off my lawn! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I can’t easily name a Nirvana-like artist that is not only awesome at what they do, but are ushering in a new sound.

Actually, I’m very curious…who are you the current artists you predict are gonna be remembered among some of the names I’ve mentioned?


Some may do this yes but keep in mind that the artists of today grew up listening to Michael Jackson or others depending on age and therefore are influenced by them.

Too many to cite and Techno it’s a very vast genre.
I like extrawelt, Ellen Allien, Laurent Garnier, Gregor tresher, maceo plex, John tejada, audio, John Hopkins, legowelt, Plastikman, Marc houle…

These days I’ve been trying to discover new artists so it has been fun exploring.

If you have YouTube Music I can share playlists with you

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Unusual title here. :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, a large percentage of the current modern music aimed at younger people is a somewhat distilled, formulated to sell , tic toc centric, music with limited creativity, too much auto tune, pro tools correction and much overused cliche chord progressions…
I love the fact that the majority of the music I listen to now isn’t overly popular. The fun is in the discovery !!

At 65, I’m likely one of the older members of this forum and I own a lot of the older mainstream music of the past ( eg. Doors, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Jazz greats, etc.)
Due to my age, I find this music to be overplayed and I rarely listen to the older classic rock and jazz artists that I grew up with … Now, I spend far more time discovering new artists that are interesting to me .
My music collection of older classic “mainstream"rock , Prog & Jazz artists doesn’t get played quite as much now as I prefer listening to and collecting the newer, or older artist that are/were previously undiscovered by myself…
Finding new ( to me) music that appeals to my tastes is all that matters to me right now. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the music I find interesting here on HiFi Guides, but I don’t give a rats ass if it’s ever considered popular or” mainstream". I post my selections here only to offer & share what I enjoy with others who also appreciate these musicians…I don’t post here in search of a :heart: vote of approval. Too old to fret over acceptance issues…:laughing:
That being said, Feel free to click on my name and D avitar and have a look at the music I’ve posted here in both Part 1 & 2 of the ( listening to tonight) thread and (jazz thread.) Perhaps you might find something different and enjoyable, making it all worth my effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tend to go through the “listening tonight” posts every other day to see if i can discover something new (to me) and interesting. And now and again there are some gems i probably would not have discovered so easily on my own.

Even though i first joined here to get more into the headphone “niche” after mostly using speakers before, the music i have discovered probably are far more valuable than the information i have acquired about the hardware i use to listen to said music :slight_smile:

Edit: And as for age, turning 46 this month, i know the music in the charts are not made for me, and my interest for them has faded years ago anyway :slight_smile:

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I think it’s better nowadays to find bands or artists that are not part of the mainstream, for I am damn sure there are some modern songs, games, media and films out there that are still produced and made with genuine passion and care, and not affected by overproduced and soulless bullshit with the likes from Hollywood and corporate assholes.

So yeah, finding hidden gems especially this present day, is a good feeling overall and it makes you feel fresh on things that gives a more optimistic perspective even just a little bit.

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I’m also finding some of the older early Prog rock, Jazz fusion from bands that weren’t as popular as say Genesis, YES, etc. is also considered new music to me in some ways. There are older bands or styles of music that I never had the chance to listen for one reason or another which I’m just now discovering for myself…
So, it’s not all new/modern music that I seek out , but a larger melting pot of both new and old that I enjoy… :slightly_smiling_face:

I try to click on every post and listen to each members selections. It’s a fun learning experience. There are a few genres of music I steer clear of but I tend to like most music that has something to say…
While I love the human singing voice, 90% of the music I listen to is instrumental. For some reason I prefer to let the instruments tell the story… This is sometimes harder to listen to if the musicians aren’t up to the task. Fortunately, most musicians that produce instrumental albums have what it takes or they wouldn’t attempt it…:slightly_smiling_face: