Mangird Tea / Thieaudio Legacy 5?

Decided to up my budget a bit; I don’t want to ever spend TOO much on a set of headphones ($300 is already pushing beyond my comfort), but I’ve convinced myself that whichever I purchase will be my end-all IEM. With that said, may I get some guidance on the differences between the two?

From my search, it seems that the two have a very similar sound profile (but that the Legacy are brighter–at least than the Legacy 4–and that the Mangird Tea is “beefier”). But I cannot the differences between say soundstage and imaging. Are there other differences that I should be aware of?

And if any of you own either or, would you please write a love letter (or complaint letter) about them?

Thanks all so much!

I’ll leave here this @hawaiibadboy shotout, maybe it can help you.

Edit: I own the teas and I love them. Never heard legacys. But I think you should also consider moondrop b2dusk. All depends on the library

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Thanks! I watched this as well and it seems that the Mangird Tea seems appealing. I don’t really have a music preference though and listen to whatever there is so I can’t choose based on that hahah. The Moondrop b2dusk… I’ll look into it!

May I ask what dac/amp you use for your IEM? I currently own the FiiO BTR5, but I would like one strictly for my PC so I don’t kill the battery on my BTR5

BTR5. But I mainly use a DAP (Shanling M3X). Most IEMs will be fine with just a dongle, even when connected to the PC.

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If you want a nice versality god, check LZ A7 as per @Rikudou_Goku’s rec.

You can also check Fiio FD5. I returned it because the treble was a bit too much for me, but its technicalities were great. Single DD Berylium :slight_smile:

As far as I’ve listened, Teas are the winners for me in the sub-300$ price range, but I havent tried that much IEMs. I would not mind just a little bit more bass tho.

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Yeah, I’ve had trouble with the treble when I was trying out the Beyer 770 Pro, so FD5 probably aren’t for me either hahah; it seems like Moondrop B2 also have some sibilance unless I “push it way into the ear canal” lol

May I ask what you like about the Mangird Tea? Especially, how is the soundstage and imaging? I’ve never experienced them (or never paid attention to them) as the only earphones I’ve used til now was the Sony MDRXB50AP. So it’d be great if the Mangird Tea can let me experience some of that hahah

I think one the Tea’s selling point is stage/imaging, just along its sub-bass and vocals. I think there’s plenty and more than enough for my tastes, but of course something like Mest Mk2 should do better (5 times the price). It’s very tip dependent, so be ready to tip roll if you can. I settled with Radius Deep Mount, but I also like spinfits 100 and Azla’s. Stock tips are ok, i prefered the star pointed ones. The insertion is deep.

One thing I heavly recommend with Teas, even if some might think is placebo, is to change the stock cable. I haven’t find differences between aftermarket cables, but I sure as hell found them when changing the stock cable. The sound just opened and got wider. Just pick something like a Xinhs cable you like (lookwise) and you’re good to go.

Brain burn is helps too, but I think they just sound good out of the box. Hope this helps

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Oh gosh you’ve just about sold me… and I didn’t even think to look into the tips nor the wires, placebo or not hahah. Looks matter, especially if I’m willing to spend so much lol

Huge thanks to you for all the insight! Hope you continue to have a blast with your Tea :slight_smile:

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Owned the Tea and the Legacy 5. I still own the Tea and have no plans to ever part with it. I no longer own the Legacy 5.


And if the looks matter… :drooling_face:


You’re gonna make me do it aren’t you?

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What about some gold sprinkles?

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LOVE the highlight against the carbon fiber on the left IEM. Those MMCX connectors go well with it as well. Great shot!

Too bad my macro lens is kinda sucky with this lightning :frowning:

Ha ha. I just got a macro maybe 4 months ago. It’s a bit too blurry around the edges for my taste.

I should attempt to take some macros of this beauty though. I enjoy shining a flashlight into the Tea and looking at how all the drivers are crammed/engineered into such a tiny area.

Mangird Tea - Amazing and beautiful in so many ways.


I just got it yesterday shot on iphone


Good shots. Need to try to get some tomorrow with better lightning. I kinda miss my fd5, but returned it and kept the teas. Maybe L2 come close to fd5!

Oh may I ask for your personal opinions on the differences? From what I gather so far, their sound signatures are similar but Legacy 5 are warmer and darker (less base and treble, but still detailed) but easier to listen to for long periods of time; Tea packs a bit more beef, although I hear the treble can be a bit fatiguing at times?

Also, I’ve heard that the Tea fits deeper into your ears and is an easy fit, whereas the Legacy 5 has a larger body which may not fit as well?

People don’t mention the sharpness of the sound for Tea nearly as much as ppl do about the Blessing 2, but it still worries me because V-shapes have been my bane in previous headsets. I’m just looking to relax and listen to some tunes, and I hear the Tea demand that I pay attention or something (paraphrasing a review)

Those shots look amazing y’all. They look like luxury items–something ppl would just stick in their ears for style alone hahah