Mangird XENNS UP or XENNS Top

My last purchase (MEXT) got cancelled cause of an issue and ever since watching timmys review of the top, I’m having doubts about getting the MEXT again.

Currently, I’m thinking of getting one of Mangird’s IEMs instead since they are cheaper than MEXT and also I can get them locally. I wanted to hear others opinions and impressions. It’s not possible for me to demo them.

I like slightly warm sound with good and clean bass impact, good texturing and well separated and layered sound with average to above average stage size. Don’t like thin vocals, muddiness and intimate soundstage.

Or should I get the IE 600? it seems very popular.

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I reciently procured mine and honestly I hate taking them out to listen and review other IES’s on my List I just get enough of the UP.

This one’s next up on review list but here is my quick take.

Bass slam like a EJ07M but in more quantities Sub and Mid Bass.
Still balanced damn smooth.
Freak show as the Sonion BA & EST does a wicked job on Vocals and Highs somehow without the bass overpowering the rest.

Very good if not perfect coherence implementation of the tribrid drivers

Overall tone is warm and well Balanced.
Did I mention they are smooth like butter.

The UP really is unique in the sea of IEM’s out there and something quite special.

Unashamed Shill YES


The above impressions are of Mangird UP right? Not Kinera?

Edit: Pretty sure it’s about UP, thanks for taking the time to share your impressions.

I’ve only owned 1 Kinera IEM, the Kinera Audio Norn and that one was really not my cup of tea, very bright and fatiguing with thin vocals and low bass impact. Complete opposite of my preference.

Yes that was the impression of the UP
I own the Kinera DB005 PRO and keep it to remind me what a bright IEM sounds like LOL. For me the UP’s highs are the most surprising just perfect for me trebble sensitive ears. I find the EJ’S on the very point of spicy so the UP’s extension and quantity of the whole spectrum Sub Bass to Ultra Highs magical.

Just had AC/DC dialed up. That fast slam of the bass and Vocals of Brian Johnson was very spot on.

The only thing I think of the UP’s week spot is in how it replays Female Vocals in a more thick way adding weight to thier voices slightly. I personally like the compromise and will enjoy the greater note weight in the lower mid bass all the way to 800 HZ.

The stage is also is super wide but not deep. The UP also does some great Micro Dynamics excellent emotion.

First Observation, with the UP changes on the more resolving DAC’s The ESS9038 in the E1DA is superb over the Shanlings UP5; but Both are close to borderline pushing the less warm feeling the UP has a notch making it sound more neutral.

But the Cirrius Logic chips are the hot sauce. Not too Bright or Warm. Just the right temperature porrage. The iBasso DX160 ummmmmmm.
The UP is definitely source sensitive and if I had to choose it would be the warmer sources I would lean to to keep the magic of the UP.

I cables rolled too just for shits and giggles. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. But,… not sound like a cable shill the OFCC/GOLD/SILVER of the Joyfully Voice sounds smoother than its sister the 7N one.

Second mindfull observations of the UP would be that on source material not well recorded the UP will definitely show the flaws in the recording.
I would consider this one of the strengths of the Xenns UP on how well the IEM replays with enough Micro Dynamics to make it sound super fun and we’ll resolving of poor & quality source material.

Shit I damn near wrote the entire review in this post sorry I got a bit carried away.


Nice, I don’t think slightly thick female vocals will be a big issue for me. I had Astell&Kern Diana for ~2 years and it was my fav IEM, it also had thick female vocals.

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This guy say that Top not so warm and have no good texture

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Just thoughts…
I think that good texturing and intimate soundstage go together and complement each other…

At this point, most reviewers like Gizaudio, HonestAudiophile, Zeos like the Top. For me though, I’m currently leaning towards getting the UP especially after reading @ToneDeafMonk post above and wanting to try an EST Driver.

Considering that I’ve mostly been using budget IEMs like Hook-X, Blessing 2, IE 300… I think there’s a good chance I will easily find whatever IEM I get in this price range to be an improvement to my currect IEMs.

I’ve used up my saving to get Mojo 2, HiBy RS2 & NX7 so I won’t be able to get the IEM untill next month. I’ll wait for more info in the mean time.

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Working on a more formal review of the up , life just got in the way LOL.

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Here is my sound impressions of the UP.

XENNS MANGIRD UP a new classification? “BASS-Fi”

▪ Shell is super comfy, Build quality is top notch.
▪ Holographic Sound stage, Very Wide , Decent  depth, Height is just ok. (Intimate sometimes , Sometimes 3D)
The UP can legitimately portray the venue's space ( Club, Big Studio, Small Studio, Garage, Open Air Concert that’s a rare trait I have found.
▪ Bass and Mid Bass are large. Great sub extension, bass just smoothly transitions into warm and fluid mid bass. No bloat on well recorded songs.
▪ Treble gets its own point as the graph leads you believe with this much bass the treble would suffer but that simply is not the case for me. ( See my point on sources below )
▪ You can easily tell well recorded music quality and really shines with it.
▪ Vocals are defiantly a bit laidback in a good way to give you a sense of warmth. Very clear & crisp vocals but still smooth like a Penon IEM House sound but with the proper amount of high frequencies.
▪ Micro and Macro Dynamics are very well done and the UP lets the emotion of the recording and mix forth to make the UP a very fun IEM.
▪ Absolutely Non Fatiguing.
▪ Percussion is fabulous , as was piano and instrumental. 
▪ All genre's of music was enjoyable could not fault the UP here.
▪ Scales with power but was fine on all my dongles no worries off of my DAP or phone

 Cons:
▪ Not for treble-heads or people who prefer a lot of top end of the music spectrum.
▪ Female Vocals a tiny tad thick because of the amount of Mid Bass ( Perfect for me )
▪ OMG Source sensitive. ESS was almost edgy, and a mix of sharp &  edgy (The E1DA-SG3 normally very resolving was UGHHHH NO!,  Cirrius Logic was beautiful from the DX160, AKM of the Geshelli Labs J2 was a perfect pairing. UP likes a slightly warm source IMHO. 

Things I commented on previously with the UP:
Stage is more intimate that other IEM’S I have ( GS SE12 - Killer Stage ) That being said the UP never really left me wanting more and I honestly like this mix of intimate and wide hard to put into words the UP is special.

Not only is the UP super source sensitive but highly sensitive to poor recordings, people who listen to MP3 will find the UP plays back not great recordings exactly as they are. LOW RES. The UP will sound muddy and all the good things I said above are gone.

Now let’s get into it a bit deeper.

Completely Subjective Audio Review - XENNS Mangird UP

Hello all: Thanks for reading my feedback.

I share my impressions as I hear them with my ears.
As all our ears are different shapes & sizes so what I hear as bright or bass heavy -you might hear as dull and Vise-Versa; just something to be mindful of.

What makes my ears happy as a sound signature is slightly more aggressive U shape. I love my Bass Sub and Mid Bass love it all actually; and in large quantity. With the Bass I prefer a faster decay the faster the better as to not bleed into the mids., I am treble sensitive and prefer a darker warmer replay with good extension.

I prefer the fast speedy bass of the Beryllium Coated Driver of my Xenns Mangird UP and KiwiEars Cadenza. Of course there are exceptions in the market - as I also find the bass of the Bio Diaphragm used in the Yanyin Canon special - has some special sauce like a 8" subwoofer that feels like a 12" Has the slam and some serious sub bass! And the super cool Copper Alloy Shell IKKO Obsidian OH10 does some magic to the bass.

My music Library is widely varied from; Metallica, Great White, Cowboy Junkies, Pink Floyd, Adelle, Melisa Ethridge, Hania Rani, Vilvaldi, Fleetwood Mac, Five for Fighting, Manskin, Poncho Sanchez, Jimmy Smith, Chopin, The Crystal Method just to name a few.

That dripple being said:
And as such here is my take on the: XENNS MANGIRD UP (Bought with my own.

Sources: E1DA SG3 (ES9038), Shanling UP5 (ES912), TEMPOTEC Serenade X (ES9219) Geshelli JNOG J2 with AKM4493 chip. iBasso DX160 (Cirrius Logic CS43198)
DAP/TRASPORT: From Lenovo Laptop with Amazon Unlimited ULTRA HD, iBasso DX160 ,Samsung S22 Ultra with DSD Files.
Amps: LoxjiP20 tube amp and Topping A90D
Tips Used for Best Result for me and completely subjective: Short Wide Bore are my go to and I wanted to bring forth as much vocals as possible with maximizing stage. Mission accomplished with the ML AZLA Crystal tips.
Cable after rolling I used is the Hakugei Peaceful Voice I could hear a slightly warmer ummmm; over the same cable than in a OFCC cable. That’s just me I never want to come off as a cable shill but thought I would share my experience with my journey with the UP.
Some cant hear cable differences but I can not in a way that does something magical but just sounds different from one another to me.

Not some detailed comparisons I can offer because I only have 3 upper end IEM’S to compare.
So I did lots of back and forth with my Resin EJ07M retuned with a 3db Sub Bass bump and the GS AUDIO SE12 full BA/EST set.

LETSHOUER Custom tuned resin EJ07M - I observed that the Bass was similar in it’s speed and decay of the lows. The XENNS UP hits a bit lower with more note weight, authority and emotion. Kick drums kick ass!
The Up has a larger stage than the Ej’s not as 3D though, Better depth again goes to the UP - many have commented how 3D Holographic the LETSHOUER’s are and I would agree but the Up’s stage sounds more enjoyable to me maybe call it more intimate but if honestly makes me enjoy it more with less fatigue. Sometimes I feel the EJ’s are forcing me too much information around me instead of just letting me sit back and enjoy the music.
The EJ’s male vocals seemed a bit thin and not as natural as the UP , I prefer the warmer more natural tonality of the Up.
Micro Dynamics are better on the EJ’s plays with more emotion more things going on around you and sounds like a smaller venue vs the UP sounds more spacious in its depth and adds to its unique replay.
Female vocals on EJ are spot on and sometimes a tiny little bit thick on female vocals with the UP.

The GS AUDIO SE12 also using full on Sonion BA & EST is a sound stage monster its what’s makes this one special.
Bass is large , super fast , too fast for me I like the slower decay and note weight of a DD. The tuning is more V shaped and has a lot more high frequency energy than the UP , making the SE12 a detail monster. I prefer the more laid back presentation of the UP.

The UP is a freaky special IEM. I did spend a shit tonne of time source, cable and tip rolling to get me to my special mix of perfectly balance of copious bass and silky smooth vocals with enough treble to give me the sparkly.
The Sonion BA and EST Drivers are superior to Knowles for me, they bring a smoother presentation to the sound less edgy than the Knowles.
I find Sonion EST have a great extension for the high frequencies that is perfect for me laid back and still detailed.
The UP does not cheap out anywhere. A great Implementation of a Beryllium coated driver for snappy Bass without bleed, thumpy fantastic note weight but still tight love it. Sonion EST65DA01 for the Ulta-high-frequency drivers, twin Sonion custom high-frequency drivers and 2 more Sonion 2300 series for the mid-highs. So the expensive BA & EST drivers do the magic. Its just the package of DD & Sonion that makes the UP different in its tuning and playback.

Cheers The(Tone)DeafMonk.


Awesome, thanks for the in depth review.

Based on your write up on source pairing, the HiBy RS2 seems like it will pair better with the UP. The Mojo 2 might sound a bit harsh in it’s stock setting but a few db down on it’s high shelf DSP setting might sound nice.

I share similar views on cable swapping, there is some difference there but not enough for me to spend more than 100 USD on cables. Then again, I have not heard some of the costlier Cables from Effect Audio, Hakugei… so I’ll refrain from commenting on that.

One bad thing about your review is that it’s gotten me excited to buy the UP and it’s killing me to have to wait till next month :smiling_face_with_tear:.

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The cable I liked the most was $40 worth it but I buy Cables mostly for the bling.


Yeah… Top seems to be very love or hate. and the only Amazon review don’t recommend it, while Giz/THA/Antdroid/MMORPG like it, saying directly conflicting things against each other about it, such as its coherency, treble resolution, dimensional performance, tonality.

Antdroid compares it to the $3400 Odin:
“It’s not quite as resolving as the dynamic driver and bass quality of the Empire Ears Odin, but it does quite well where it stands at its price point.”

I am actually very interested in Top. The only thing kind of worrying me is to what degree the BA tonality might be in effect, but I have yet to hear an EST that has impressed me(outside of the super bright EJ09). I have faith in how good of a job BA’s can do, as I’ve heard some good/promising ones(DM8). I don’t see much promise in all of these endless ThieAudio retunes, with Monarch MKII not having much bass, and people still liking Oracle more than Oracle MKII. Maybe IE600 or Yanyin Moonlight(I am very interested in this, too)/Rosemary is a winner.


Hi, there.

Apologies if I’ve missed this in one of your posts, but where did you order XENNS UP with the white opal like face plate? They’re beautiful.

Don’t recommend Moonlight!! Absolutely! I sold this one recently. There’s my review on them: 🔶 Yanyin Moonlight - #8 by Alfeov

I’m interesting in Top also, want to bought this. Can say that EST with dark treble doesn’t matter (to me personally). You take EST that perfect for treble and don’t give to that IEM enough treble! That have no sense. I sold Yanyin and don’t want see dark treble in my IEMs. Tribrids I found unnatural also.

Reading one review on Headphonia about Oracle MKII and there was comparison with Xenns Top. In review Top has ALL better and treble TOO then Oracle MKII. This suggests that you should not chase EST

P.S. Maybe it’s too hate, but I don’t really understand why nobody saying about problems of Moonlight :person_shrugging:t2:


I bought used on a trade with my Heyday. I asked the previous owner and he said he bought from the store on Taboo and the custom faceplates were no extra charges.

Here was the choices given.
I am sure you can do this with any Xenns if that’s the case but I don’t think it’s well known.

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I bought used. The fellow said he order from Toabo on thier store and there was no extra cost.

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A small update: I recently picked up the iBasso DX170 and it’s been great when paired with the XENNS UP. Compared to my other devices (LG V60, Mojo 2, RS2) the DX170 is the one that I like the most with the UP.

I’ve also purchased the Sennheiser IE 600 to see what all that hype was about. It will be interesting to see how the UP performs in comparision.

I have one question to those who have heard the UP, did any of you pair the UP with Gryphon? I had sold my Gryphon by the time UP arrived so I’m just curious what the pairing would have been like.

What site did you go to for the custom xenns faceplates?

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