Mantras and other spiritual music


The title says it all :slight_smile:

If you know some nice mantras or other peaceful songs please share them here


Heard this one once in a collection somewhere and it stuck with me for some reason. I like it musically, probably because it’s not mindlessly repetitive beyond the first 3 minutes, so I guess it wouldn’t be great for trying to actually meditate. :grin:

On the atmospheric side I think this is the best thing I heard in my phase of listening to Buddha Bar type collections:

And nice tune I used for some years as my ringtone, i.e. the bamboo flute “verse” part before the vocals come in:

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Thanks for participating will listen to the songs tonight! :slight_smile:

Regarding mindlessly repetitive mantras I can really find peace in that…others would say it´s crazy but I quite enjoy this one repeated 108 times :smiley:
Depending on my mood of course…after yoga its perfect but sometimes also while driving in a city with a lot of traffic and everybody is stressed while i cruise in my van chanting mantras :smiley:

something more musical, best served with some ayahuasca :smiley: