MAPLETREE Audio Custom LR1 pro splitter XLR balanced 2 in / 4 out audio switcher

I needed a splitter to split my DAC signal (ADi-2 Pro FS). I got little bear MC-103 pro and it was fine. I did notice lower sound coming after connecting my DAC. Also slight sound difference barely noticeable in some music (it might of been just me). So after looking around found Mapletree audio. Emailed Al he gave me a price and two weeks later I have it. Looks good. No noticeable sound difference at all. It is a custom built to what ever you want. I got 2 inputs to 4 outputs balanced XLR. Just wanted to share if anyone needed Balanced XLR splitter / switcher.


How much did it cost?

It was $350 US +S/H from Canada. But cost depends on how many inputs / outputs you want. I think going from 3 to 4 out price jumped almost $100 because more expensive switch is needed.

Do you know what switches they use?

I do not. Just email them. I am sure they will tell you.

This is pretty awesome. I’ve been looking at a similar switcher from goldpoint as well as radial lx3 line level xlr splitters.

Goldpoint is nice but the price is very high. Also they do not have what I need. Mapletree has excellent reputation in hi-fi community it is custom built to your specs and the prices are very reasonable in my opinion. So far I am very happy with it. I will probably end up ordering one more. Oh I just got an idea. I Like that volume control box that Zeos has. I am going to email Al to see if he can make something like that.

There are also some interesting passive pre amps from

If I would reside somewhere in Europe I would definitely consider. Looks like quality items.

Wow, that is very pretty

How does Maple Tree handle payment for their purchases? Did they send a paypal invoice to you? (I can’t find any info on paying them beyond an email at the bottom of the website)

Yes. PayPal invoice. Send them email. Tell them what you need they will tell you the price. If you want it they will send you PayPal invoice. This is a legit company. I found them through forums. Go there and search for mapletree if you want to see more.

Awesome. Along with a switcher, I was looking at their Headphone Amps. Those look really cool.

Specifically Ear+ HDII which can work as a passive preamp which is super cool.

I just asked Al about making balanced volume controller. Something like Zeos using. He is looking in to it.

If he can’t a company named radial engineering makes a pretty well regarded one for about 125 usd called the sat 2

And if you want to shell out a fair bit of cash goldpoint makes a 24 and 48 stepped passive attentuator

Mapletree can make it but it will be in the goldpoint price range as they will use goldpoint switch. Will have to wait.