Marantz 40n Integrated Networked Amplifier Impressions

Check out our latest video on one of the best values in the 2 channel streaming networked amplifier space! The Marantz 40n!


That’s a super nice streamer / amp. Marantz has been spamming us about this via email for 2 months now. :rofl:

We are a Model 30 + SACD 30n family, and if the 40n had a bit more power under the hood + a disk player, we would have gone with that over the model 30 + SACD 30n combo. I honestly love the way the 2 silver units look when stacked, but having only one footprint with similar power and features would have sold us.

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Comparison video to the Model 30!

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Trying something new! This morning at 9 am PT grab your best headphones and give this video a watch and a listen and see which amplifier you like best. Leave us a comment in the video and let us know what you think. Have a wonderful Sunday friends.

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is that a sound diffusion panel on the wall at the start of the video?

There are bass traps and sound diffusion/dispersion panels all over the walls in the room.

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i really like that beige/brown one on the wall. doesn’t look like sound treatment as much as art, which is nice. you have a beautiful listening room!