Marantz CD6007 & Powered Speakers

Hi! I’m interest in buying a Marantz CD6007 disk player.
I have some Ruark Audio mr1 mk2 (amplified speakers) already connected to a turntable, so I only have the optical or aux input to connect to the CD player. In this sense:

  1. How would you recommend connecting the Marantz CD6007 directly to the speakers? In this regard, can I directly connect the reader to the speakers, without the need for pre-amplification?
  2. I would also like to ask you if, from your experience, there is a loss of quality when optical cables are used instead of coaxial cables (on this particular setup, if applicable).

Thank you!

  1. The speakers seem to have it’s own volume nub and remote so volume control is handled by the unit. No preamp need.
  2. Coaxial and Optical (toslink) are both Digital connections so the data or music is the same quality (quality the player gives).
    It might be a touch better to use Coaxial.
    Easier to connect and less likely to have issues or breaks if cable bends / twist of some reason. Optical cables and connectors/inputs have more potential to go wrong or have issues at some point.