Marantz + Dali, are they a match in heaven?

Not being able to demo the marantz, will the Marantz PM8006 make the Dalis perform incredible and loudly compared with a NAD C328?

Marantz is or come from Denon.
I think it will be different if there is a tonal difference in the mapping that was worked out.
The Denon will be a bit clearer, the Marantz will be a bit more booming than the example, but I didn’t hear either of them.
Look at the atoll 80Se for the money.
It’s supposed to make another step forward, it’s technically more stable and is still handmade together, not machine-built.

And it should make a real alarm - at least I read about it and the dealer who revised my loudspeakers told me so.

To be more precise: they both are under Sound United LLC.
Collaboration yes, but both are separate company’s.
Similar structure like car worlds Volkswagen AG, with Audi’s and Seat’s and VW. Some parts can be find in all but end results are different.

Went to audition the Oberon 5s and i couldnt really experience it cuz others were blasting musing from different sides and here i was thinking i would listen in an isolated room.

Not going to go with these cuz i go very disappointed with the size… its soooo tiny. Those aint gonna get loud.