Marketing snake?

Sounds like a load of crap by just reading it a bunch of smoke and mirrors… they look like just IEM with a microphone attachment. Then again, I haven’t tried them myself so I can’t say for certain but I would never ever recommend someone to use an ear bud or IEM for gaming. You can use them, doesn’t mean they are very good for it outside of casual and isolation factor

Not gonna lie… this is like some guy from Razer wrote this. I got a good laugh out of it

HAHA :laughing:

AAW do just that…

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Oh yeah, I forgot about this. That’s even funnier. I mean, at least those look nice though.

I’m not a gamer myself but it would be cool to hear what you guys thought about them though :smiley:

The last two in ears I tired for gaming were the Moondrop Starfields and Beyerdynamic Soul Byrds(which these were honestly pretty good)
I might save that kingfisher though for later… give it a shot. Never know I might really enjoy it.

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It looks like they are using vibrators and bone conduction along side more traditional drivers. For the price I’m betting it’s just a gimmick but it could be an interesting idea if properly implemented.

Could be interesting for sure but anything with that hyped up advertising and the words “gamer” for its selling point puts me on the fence. especially “game changing tactile audio” “make you feel like your there!” “unparalleled immersive experience!”. Sounds like a bunch of crap I hear gaming headset companies spew when they come out with a new headset, looking at you Creative(just an example), that has some sort of 7.1 surround sound

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In my opinion, the headphones are not designed for professional gaming, but in general, the sound in them is acceptable, I would even say pretty good.