Martin Logan EM-ESL C

Zeos recommend the esl-c in the links under his center channel video. Does anyone know if it’s worth the money over the SVS ultra?

what are your L/R mains? i love my martin logans, but i do not have a center. you will have crisp dialog, but i am willing to bet you would have the same with the svs ultra center. it just may or may not timbre match what you currently have as well as the svs if that matters to you.

If you have electrostatic panels already, in my mind would make sense to have same type of center.
At least the sound signature should remain close to F/R speakers.

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Right now I just have some old Klipsch speakers but I will be replacing everything and have been looking hard at SVS. It will be a pure home theater Atmos system. I don’t plan to use at all for music.

If that’s the case, I would just stick with the svs as you don’t really want to mix and match main and center channels imo

Well I’m gonna build around the center channel so if I get Martin Logan center I would get the surrounds as well. Is it worth it for HT?

I think if you got Martin Logan front LR and surrounds it would be worth it

I would get ML but I doubt I could afford the electrostatic ones. Maybe bump L/R up to electrostatic later on. But I have heard that movies just don’t benefit after a certain point on speakers because the quality of audio is just not as good a music

lrs are 599/pair. not to much

edit: not martin loagns, but electrostats that are fairly cheap a pair

The magnepan lrs are ribbon speakers, and also very very hard to drive as they need both power and quality, you would want to be spending around 1-1.5k on a used poweramp maximize them. Also very room picky, not something I would suggest for home theater

nm then lol thought they was electrostat’s, my bad.

I’m a fan of magnepan but they need too much space from the wall.

Correct, and honestly the Martin Logans are somewhat the same (but not as picky)

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So you think the L/R need to be electrostatic as well to match?

I think to match well I would say that’s the case, for your surrounds you can worry less about those as long as they are decent

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I’m a big fan matching speakers.
Same series / matching drivers / same sound signature will give the same sounding environment aka the surround sounds (music) will sound the same.

But if you have the space, rooms does work and can get the amps for electrostatics + somehow match speakers (all 5 similar?). Sure why not.
It’s just wayyyyyyyyyy harder + more $$$$ to get everything to work properly and nicely sounding.