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This is the official thread for the Martin Logan ESLx

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Floorstander
  • Powered: No
  • Estat and dual 8 in woofers

:red_circle: Hifiguides Amazon Link


Z Reviews…

hahahah…clicked the Amazon link to see what these go for…no resellers for them, but there is the listing. LOL!

edit - …and they’re not cheap. the home theatre setup goes for just shy of $12K.

Eastporters sell them for about 1400 a pair

those aren’t the ESLx…just ESL.

Aren’t the basic esls the ones zeos unboxed?
Oh well my bad sorry

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A guy is selling a higher end pair near me:

I can only find a few retailers for this model and they go for $8k a pair… This guy is selling for $4k.

might be worth kicking the tires on it but not sure I want electrostats. Don’t they need a very big room to take advantage of their sound dispersion?

It gets a bit tricky with a bipole speaker as they really like to be in the middle of the room, and treating first reflections is pretty important as well. Typically Martin logans aren’t as picky as say magnipans or something of the sort, but they are more picky at times than a sealed box speaker but it really depends on the model. As long as you have a moderate sized room and can play around with placement you should be fine

Also if you have never heard a Martin Logan I would suggest trying to get a demo in as they are somewhat hit or miss for people, they have a distinct sound

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Thanks Mon you’re a great source for so much information! I’ve heard ML before but they were entry level and in a demo room that wasn’t setup for ideal for them. I came away un-impressed with them as they sounded thin, bright, and lacking real character. I always though of the speaker grills and high prices as a gimmick. Maybe you need a perfect room/placement to make them shine but likely too finicky and room specific for my needs.

Honestly I feel somewhat similar, they are somewhat impressive to the uninitiated because of the pure detail they can push out, but once you live with them you really start to see the downsides. IMO I would prefer a magnepan LRS over a martin logan ESL (and of course the higher end maggies if you wanted a flat panel speaker)

I head these a best buy a few months ago, I seriously need them in my life, i’m a real sucker for the detailed revealing sound, but I don’t think I could set them up correctly in my current apartment, since I have a weird living room, sound demo does not do them justice BTW.

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you would probably have to pull out those stands and let them sit just in front of the hollow space on either side of our TV.

Ya, I have a full matching 7.2 system, so I probably won’t get them, also i’d have no place for my equipment to go since I ran all of the wires under the carpet to that location, don’ tell my landlord I pulled the carpet up.

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Going to my local hifi shop tomorrow to demo a set of Maggie LRS. I’m hopeful to be impressed! I hear they are detail and imaging monsters while approaching perfection when matched with a quick / clean sub.

Also waiting for Z’s review of the Emotiva HC-1 monos as the Maggie’s new high current due to their inefficiency.