Massdrop shipping times thread

Well i did it again. I ordered something from Massdrop. And now its time to WAIT. and wait some more… and wait some more…
lol, post your Massdrop shipping travesty here.

Ordered a topping D10. when does it ship? Feb 22. 1 month. And thats not counting how long it will take when they actually ship it. Ordered the Hifiman 4XX a week ago. Still dont have it. Massdrop doing some old style shipping nostalgia

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They’ve been pretty good for me, but I’m halfway across the world from China so good is +2 weeks. I think China EMS uses container ships though, so shipping across the Pacific takes ages (they travel slow to save fuel).

Usually 4week from shipping.
That includes lot’s of shipping over different country’s, TAX’s and local very slow post ever.

I ordered the Drop lift desk, got it delivered the same week. lol Fedex decided to deliver the top of the desk to a different house and give me a twin bed frame from wayfair… so that was fun.

I got my 4xx and 58x within 2 weeks of ordering them… I think it depends if they make current container or not


My He4xx was sent December 16. Not a single update in the tracking record… So that’s 35+ days so far…

The tracking is terrible. Mine said “Failed attempt” as soon as it passed customs, and even after it was delivered. I’m pretty sure all international deliveries are done through the government mail service of your country, so you can use the tracking number on their tracking service, I found that gives more accurate results.

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contact massdrop thats unnacceptable.

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I did check with the Spanish post, same result…

I’ll have to…

Outside of drops that have issues like the tin T3 and P1 launch drops, it seems most things ship about 7-10 days before the listed ship date. After that the only things I have ever had take forever to get delivered are things coming from China (I live in Pennsylvania so massdrop’s wearhouse is rather close). Massdrop is no better or worse than any other company I’ve ordered from. Also I personally sometimes like the wait since I end up forgetting to check the tracking every day and then it shows up like a surprise gift to myself, but I’m much more patient than most.


yeah if you wan tot catch the tin drop aand have it shipped properly you gotta order that shit early

I’m waiting on Tin T2’s right now, they shipped on the seventeenth and the delivery window is 1-3 weeks (Canadian). I’m not passed that yet, but I’m just hoping nothing goes wrong. The tracking provided by massdrop hasn’t shown me anything at all.

still havnt got my HE4xx or Meze noir. cant wait for the meze noir, ive heard so much about it

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took a month for me to get HE4xx, arrived today, left can is dead.

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:open_mouth: sorry about that man!

My He4xx arrived yesterday. 45 days…

i got mine in 14 days. i live in california. works great

Would love to hear your impressions

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thanks, will give them soon. dt 880 first