🔷 MassDrop THX AAA 789 - Linear Headphone Amplifier

So… I should probably be the one to start this thread. I after-all own three of these and I am partially responsible for their instantaneous demise whenever another drop starts.

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I count this as the amp all others should be judged against. Nothing is as quiet and capable of making things as loud and as clean as this. The price (new price of $400) is reasonable for that honor. I just hope they can make enough to satisfy the masses before we all die of old age.

Post your thoughts


Bought both the 789 and 788 at Z’s recommendation. Will almost never need another amp. :raised_hands:

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It is the cleanest amp under 1500. To some that will sound boring.

Almost… ALMOST…


It just means their headphones are boring.



Big Facts (fucking forum says I need 20 characters (You’re not my real dad!))


yeah that is a TAD bullshit. But it makes people creative…


Finally got in on the last drop. Looking forward to driving this with the RME ADI-2.


Agreed. I also have an RME ADI-2 and a Cayin iHA-6. While it’s very nice I’ve noticed that the output impedance on the Cayin is a little high for my most sensitive cans (LCD-X for example) so I hear a VERY SLIGHT hiss in high gain mode… This doesn’t happen on the RME 1/4" out on either gain mode. I’m guessing the output impedance on THX 789 should be super low and allow me to drive them easily in balanced mode using low / medium gain settings without hiss. Looking forward to it.

Waiting for this to come in August!

Masscucks and THX need to get their shit together. Do they not want to make money? I’ve missed the drop twice and have been desperately waiting for the third so I can scoop up 2 or 3.

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Me, too. What are you using in the meantime. I’ve got a JDS Labs Atom in one system and a Monoprice Liquid Spark on the other. Both are great values. I think I like the Liquid Spark matched with the Hifiman HE4xx the best.

Why need both? (sell me your 789 lol)?

One for home and one for the office!

would waiting for this and getting a balanced dac to go with it be worth it over getting the monoprice thx dac amp combo in a month or two?

This thing is great, I jumped on the drop on a friend’s recommendation, very happy with this thing, I feed it with my holo spring dac. The only complaint I have is the state of the power cable, its so thin.

Personally I wouldn’t use this amp as a benchmark, simply because it’s impossible to get. Every time a drop happens, the 300-400 units they have are sold out within minutes. East Coast people have gobbled up the last two drops that happened while I was commuting to work. Therefore this White Whale shouldn’t be used as the benchmark. Perhaps the EL Stack or the Aune should be the benchmark? My .02c …which is worth less than a wet fart.

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I think the availability is unfortunate, but it’s the performance that determines its place as a benchmark more so.

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I got in on the May 17th drop thank god. I haven’t got a shipping confirmation yet. I got it for the balanced Mk 3 Argons I ordered.

looks at current date (MAY 15)
Ok who’d you bribe? And how much do I pay them? :smiley:

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