I am a huge believer in the fact that masters do matter. As I collect more and more CDs and Vinyl records, it is coming more apparent that two identical albums can sound very different according to when they were released, reissues, loudness, compression aka the mastering.

Is there any website that shows a list of albums and which master is best, sounds a certain way, this album was actually mastered all digital and was pressed into vinyl from a damn CD, etc?

Discogs is nice but looking for better options.
Thank you

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Something like ?

You can sometimes find arguments about masters on like Steve Hoffman forums or similar ones if you want lol

Checking on places like the loudness war database can be helpful

Really you just have to judge with your ears tho lol. The best master is subjective

I totally trust my ears but it’s hard when let’s say Im at the record store looking at 2 identical records both clearly from different time periods and I dont know which to spend my money on lol

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Well the little i know about Vinyls. There might variations in sound since the “groove” can be made using different methods. Since very small differences in manufacturing and using already make changes. Yes. Plus the other things… plenty of them.

It should not so noticeable on CD’s… but they do not last forever and lose data in the long run.
Depending on the disk, actual burn to data layer and overall quality.
Bad patch of disks might do things earlier than good one.
I actually have a original CD from KORN that was shit from start… read error’s and song disturbances and clipping… Different players did not change anything. No marks and no eye visible errors? was cocked somehow…
Bought a new one, same album and it was fine.

Cleaning vinyl can help lol

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A lot can be changed in mastering. Best not to think about it. It will only drive you crazy.

This the correct advice, searching for all the masters is not the best use of time lol. Just get one that sounds good to you and stick with it

u guys might be onto something. just annoying, i dont want to be spending vinyl money ($20-$25) on an LP that was mastered from a CD i could purchase for $1-$5 bucks.

Here’s the trick, just master it yourself lol, then you can get it the way you like it

cries in analog

Well then just get a reel to reel and do it that way lol

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I usually look at which company mastered the release. MFSL, Audio Fidelity, and Analogue Productions generally have really good mastering.
If you’re not sure just go for the original release.