Matrix Audio Element H and X-SPDIF 2

researching various Hifi stuff for my pc build and wondering if these two items with femto reclockers built in would be beneficial to the sound of my system

Also what would happen if you ran the Xspidf from the element H

It looks not bad the Element h for Pc.
On i have see another but more expensiv.

I was actually looking at those as well, but personally from my experience if you have a good dac with a good usb in they really don’t make a difference that can justify the cost

Yeah, I figured.

To be honest I kinda want the Element H purely for the reason of having a separate USB input so I can keep the ones on the back of my mobo separate for different perepherals (editing boards, color grading wheels, pen tablets etc) and the XSpdif as a high grade USB to coax to hook a video streamer up to my dac (a lot of AV stuff is going nothing but HDMI but the NVIDIA shield pro can send out audio over USB to a separate device)

Yes, it is important to try and isolate audio to a separate usb controller if possible to reduce the chance of the other devices interfering with the output. I think it’s one of those “buy it if you think you need it but otherwise don’t worry about it”

I am suspicious if the USB-thing will actually do any job.
Most switching noise a computer has is 4kHz to 10kHz (sometimes 12kHz). All of those will sail straight through any capacitor. Inductors are not to be found on the card (except one in which lives way of shot)
The lack of a backplate to complete their faraday cage is also meh at best.

Also: Why does a thing, which hooks up to PCIe (up to 75W power supplied in 12V and 3.3V) need Sata power (18W in 3.3V, 5V and 12V)? (or an external powerbrick which may or may not backfeed into the motherboard).
WHY not just use the PCIe slot like a reasonable card and put a beloved LDO (linear supply) on the card?!

I rate the thing

questionable choice/10

If anyone kills their computer by running barely-in-spec USB hardware, I will smack them over the head!

Get a USB-isolator or USB power injector if you have noise problems because your super-expensive USB-DAC has the crapiest power filtering imaginable!