Matrix Audio Element H

Does anyone have any experience with the Matrix Audio Element H?

Is the investment worthwhile?
I still have Usb 2 controllers and ports on the old PC.
Which are not quite up to standard anymore.

When I want to play my Dac on 512 Dsd with Asio it always stops the music, although I tried everything on the sample.
I suspect that the data transport is not enough over Usb 2.0 can the card help?

My Dac is a Singxer Sda 2 C and runs over Audirvana.

When the DAC has USB 3.0 in, yes.
But any USB 3.0 controller will give you that uplift.

In my opinion formed by looking at it and knowing some things about USB, it is a colossal waste of money.

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I have take a look on the Dac,it have a Standart Usb B inside.
So it is waste money i supose.
Have any one buy this card and can review it?