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  • Coax, Optical, USB, I2S, Ethernet, BT5 up to LDAC, Wifi (pro only) inputs, RCA input, RCA and XLR output, 1/4 inch and 4.4mm headphone outputs
  • ES9038Q2M, Cortex-A7, 1270mW@33Ω, 257mW@300Ω SE, 1900mW@33Ω, 950mW@300Ω BAL
  • DAC, Headphone amp, Streamer, and more

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Matrix introduced their new Mini-i Pro 3 and Mini-i 3.

  • Mini-i Pro 3: $899
  • Mini-i 3: $749

Only difference between the Pro and non-Pro seems to be the built-in Wifi and MQA support, otherwise the units are the same internally from what I can see.

Site Link: https://www.matrix-digi.com/en/products/489.html

Apos Audio: https://apos.audio/products/matrix-mini-i-pro3-mini-i-3-wireless-bluetooth-dac-amp?variant=32407442128970

This seems like a great all in one solution for most people under the $1k mark but I would love to get some opinions on how this might stack up against some of the other stiff competition in this range.

Would love to hear thoughts on this vs the RME Adi-2 and the Topping A90+D90 combo. I know both are considerably more but if this can punch close to those, it looks like a great unit to me.

Much love <3


Can we get this moved and tweaked to an official thread? I’m sure this will get reviewed soon.

Looks really interesting in general!

Sorry for not following the right protocol if I didn’t. Just really liked to look of the unit and didnt see a thread on it since its so new.

That was more for the mods. You did everything right!

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Now an official thread


I bought the Mini I-Pro 2 2 years ago and the following must be observed.
With the 2nd gen it was so that the headphone output was not very well developed. And overall cool comes across but extremely clean.
It looks different when you connect it to a stereo system, because it really comes into its own.
I’m assuming that it works similarly with the 3rd version and must also acknowledge that you have heard the wishes of the headphone output.
And also looks fantastic as a supplement to a stereo system.
So I would just like to say as a contribution: If you have a little money left, you will not find a better Dac for home systems for the money.
Had the 2nd gen connected to a Harman Kardon 880 vxi and to the Denon pma 800Ne via Rca.
On the Harman he had the greatest effect, which is only logical.
But it also did very well on the Denon. You were both clean in the sound and razor sharp. Dissolve very well.
In the end I found that the Harman sounded more full-bodied and warmer in combination, but that’s more of a personal preference.
As an upgrade for someone who already has the 2nd series, it will not be enough.
I think that the headphone output is better in the 3rd generation but not perfect as estimate. And the tuning will probably be similar to that of the 2nd .Sure, the 3 has good advantages. But if I see the stats I would say that 2nd he’s still good enough.

In all is a good Product


I’m surprised there aren’t that many posts on this official thread, this dac/amp combo looks quite promising.

I was going to pull the trigger on the ADI-2 DAC FS soon but just found out about this since Zeos uploaded a review, really interested in hearing comparisons.

As magicdrops mentioned above, I understand the ADI-2 is in a different price bracket, but this unit definitely made me stop and rethink pulling the trigger.

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YES as I said the headphone output is definitely better than the 2 model.
Headphone Output

TRS 6.35mm SE
    SNR: >-116dB
    THD+N: <0.0006%@2VRMS
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.1 -3dB@64kHz
    Output Impedance: <11Ω
    Output Power: 1270mW@33Ω, 257mW@300Ω, 133mW@600Ω, 1%THD
    Gain: +18dB
4.4mm Balanced
    SNR: >-117dB@4VRMS
    THD+N: <0.0006%@4VRMS
    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.1 -3dB@64kHz
    Output Impedance: <22Ω
    Output Power: 1900mW@33Ω, 950mW@300Ω, 510mW@600Ω, 1%THD
    Gain: +24dB

Can be seen and is suitable for headphones.
Purely from the operation it will be much more pleasant than the RME.
In itself, you can not say anything bad about Matrix Audio.
I myself have already bought 2 products from them and they were just unpacking a feast for the eyes.

If you should decide to report times of it would interest me.
Had not yet had the opportunity to look at him closer except here and on the net.

Anybody know if this would drive HifiMan Arya well? 1.9W at 32 ohm seems decent but I’ve heard the Arya are power hungry. I’ve got this unit and pair of Arya and Focal Clear ordered, and would like to know of I am going to need a separate amp.

Hmm I think that won’t quite do it.
If I had to guess, I would say that the Ipro mini 3 tends to be made for headphones that are more of the norm in terms of performance.
If you do end up with an Ayra, I think it would be better to connect the Ipro mini 3 to a Violectric or Asgard 3.
Singxer has also brought out a pure headphone amplifier that is perverse.

I think we’ll see more of a good boost in the 4 model if one comes out.

That’s what I was thinking. I’ve already got them on the way so I’ll be trying it out when they arrive, just excited and curious if I would need the extra power. Thanks for the reply

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Would be great if you would report on how good he is.And have fun with him,:wink:

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Yea I’m looking for a good all-in-one, thought the ADI-2 was king in that area until I saw this come up.
The display is indeed beautiful, although I do wish it had a visualizer.

The mini-i 3 might be better operation-wise, but isn’t that just because the ADI-2 is much more complex and offers more options? You can only use the wheel to navigate the mini-i 3 right?

I’m sure these will have no problem driving my headphones (although I might get an HD800S or K7XX in the future) but are they sufficient to work with a pair of speakers as well?

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The Rme has an Eq and soundness function and a powerful integrated amplifier.
Relatively much playfulness.

The Matrix will certainly not have that, which is also more focused on function than the Rme.

Ultimately, you have to judge for yourself whether the integrated amp from the Matrix is enough.
I can not except that he was quite weak in the 2s for larger listeners but perfect for Iem’s.

And that he will shine on the hi-fi system you in a new light.
I think that will be the same for the 3 Matrix.


I’m not very familiar with this reviewer (soundnews) but the review he made for this product was extensive, and he was very impressed by its abilities. He even notes that it will drive HifiMan Arya and Audeze LCD-4 single-ended at -1 or 0 dB for loud volumes, as he did not have a 4.4mm cable to test the balanced output. This indicates to me that it will have the power to drive them, but may not have the power to really push everything they have. I will update this thread when I get my hands on the new gear and get some impressions.

Here is soundnews review of the mini I 3 pro.


The review on soundnews was quite helpful, thanks.

I also read some comments on ASR but it seems there are some units that are quite buggy, which has me worried. I assume it’ll get better early 2021 because it was just released a couple months ago, guess I’ll keep an eye on this and the ADI-2 for now (leaning towards the ADI-2 for versatility though).

I just recieved mine a few days ago. I love it so far, no issues (after i remembered to switch it from 220 to 110v :no_mouth: ). The sound is excellent. I’m kind of a minimalist so i prefer combos for simplicity, and this was a noticeable step up from my M500. That said however; I just recently found out about the 22ohm impedance on the bal output though, not sure if thats something to worry about… all my headphones are <150ohm so well inside of the “8x output impedance” zone but they sound fine so far.


The data sheet says 300 ohm 950 mw, if you are at 150 ohm you can safely add a quarter of that minimum.
Roughly speaking, you would then be at 1200-1400 mw.
Shouldn’t be a problem to drive your headphones.

For planar headphones it might be slightly difficult.
A Lcd 2c with 70 ohm would also be roughly at the limit.

But in the end you have to decide how it is for you.
I have the predecessor and it is actually only suitable for use with Iem, but unfortunately not for anything else.
I connected another headphone amplifier to it but it wasn’t my cup of tea.
A bit too cool for headphones, but I haven’t heard anything better on the hi-fi system so far when I stream with my tablet via Bluetooth. Watch out, it’s a lot of fun.

I’m not worried about the power output, i think it has plenty of wattage. I was referring to the output impedance of the headphone amp section.

22ohm on the balanced output is actually higher than some planars (LCD X pictured here)

I’ve heard and seen some explanation that if your headphones impedance is less than 8x the amps output impedance the freq response can be effected. I believe this is where the “planars don’t like tubes” mantra comes from.
But the actual effects seem to be very hit or miss, some folks say the bass takes a big hit, some say theres no audible difference. Wasn’t sure if anyone with more technical savvy had tested the mini 3 with some lower impedance headphones.