MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 or Singxer su 2


Has anyone had any experience with one of the two devices?
If there is one where my Singer SDA 2 is connected via I2S then one of the two.
But I find it a bit difficult to see the individual advantages.
Can anyone help?
Next week is possible to get a bit cheaper :blush:

I have an LKS USB 100, besides the obvious advantage of being able to get a great quality short HDMI cable for far far cheaper than you could get a great quality “audiophile” coax SPDIF. I’m sure there are sonic differences but it wasn’t apparently to me when I A/B using a Holo Cyan. People say I2S is a better input for technical reasons that are beyond my expertise.

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It’s basically about where the clock is generated, and the relative quality of that clock, along with potential electrical and RF isolation.
The USB input to the DAC runs through a chip that outputs I2S, and usually optional SPDIF, those outputs are clocked at the playback rate.
USB into the DAC, means the DAC’s USB converter is providing the output clock, external converters provide their own clock.
It’s a bit more complicated than that, because the DAC itself may have a PLL to try and correct the incoming clocked signal.
My Lampizator has a slight improvement running SPDIF over coax from a Pi2AES, than it does running over USB, but YMMV.

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Thanks for your answers.
Does it make any sense to add something like that again or is it a waste?
Not that the Singxer Sda 2 Advance is badly built, I like to listen to it and I am satisfied with it.
I would connect it via I2 S for listening to music anyway if it comes into question.

Well the big benefit for me was getting rid of the audio out from my MB. I was previously using optical SPDIF directly into a DAC. When I switched and went with the DDC reclocker it made a world of difference. This was on $200 to $300 dollars DACs. It may not make as much of a difference on DACs with better capabilities. I bought mine used, spent about $120 dollars on it if I remember correctly. It was a tremendous upgrade IMO.

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Thanks for your assessment.:wink:
Will take you into account in the decision.

I read somewhere that the Singxer Su 2 is not bad and also with better Dacs it is good.
Clearly there are differences depending on the equipment git or little.
Guess I just have to try it out.

HA! I finally did a thing that I did not know i had to do to make a thing happen :crazy_face:

Weeks, maybe months ago I bought the Matrix X-SPIDIF 2 per recommendation from he-who-shall-not-be-named (who helps me spend my money.) Anyway, I plugged it in and didn’t think it did anything so I unplugged it and relegated it to the side until tonight.

Tonight I was working Quoboz > 2015 Mac Pro > Pangea Cinnamon USB > ADI-2 DAC FS > A&S Pendant amp > Senn HD800S via Low Z tap.

The low Z is usually quiet but for some reason was being uncooperative and particularly noisy tonight. I noticed as I was scrolling through forums, posts and such the noise floor would vary in the HP at little to no volume… :thinking: “Hmmm”, says I, “lets plug that MATRIX X-SPIDIF 2 thingy in and see what it does.” So I did and a thing happened! Perfectly black background, no more noise or hiss. ZERO (0%) background noise or hiss in the Pendant at this point. Yay this thing did something. That and keeping my cell phone away has now made the Pendant background totally black, noise free, hiss free and has increased the pleasure I get from the things the tubes do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heart_eyes:

PS, the High Z tap which was always a bit noisy is now 98% or so silent too.


Would also add that it’s nice to have the multiple clean clocked digital outputs. Anyone with multiple DACs would benefit greatly and rid themselves of driver headaches in Windows.

I’m currently using I2S into a Holo Cyan.

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Thanks for your answer :wink:.

Ah I am still struggling with myself.
If I have seen it correctly the Singxer Sda 2 can output max 512dsd via I2S.

If I have understood it correctly the Singxer Su 2 would calculate up to 1024 dsd through Audirvana and the Sda 2 might have to calculate half of it down again.

The only advantage I see is that the interface is better than a soundcard and would have some slight advantages, but if it is really worth $400 in the end is another matter.

At the moment I listen on 256 dsd via usb and the Singxer can go to 512 thanks to Asio and if I get it set I would be happy.
And it’s already extremely good in the keynote so there’s nothing to complain about except that the support is not available at the moment.

Like I said I am still struggling with myself :see_no_evil:.