Maybe one for MON?

Anyone had the chance to listen to a Cube Audio Nenuphar single driver speaker?..the idea behind these speakers sounds too good to be true?..

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its hard to find 10" coaxial drivers. But unlike the video claims, you can get 30hz from 8" coaxial’s that are plentiful in the right enclosure. But those are some sexy speakers and i bet the clarity tops most of what you can purchase after market.

edit: like these for a fraction of the price.

Some of the local DIY guys really like Eminence drivers “Beta-8CX, Beta-10CX and Beta-12CX”.
To me big 12" sounded way to aggressive but after pointing the speakers bit inwards and not directly to listener they very pretty ok and decent for the price.

B&C SPEAKERS was the another one brand.
Guys have made big 12" and 15" versions.
These are on the cheap side of big DIY coaxial speakers.
Few hundred $ the drivers and xxx$ for the cabinet and finish.

Have to agree. Those cube’s look really nice.

There’s amazing potential in full range speakers, when you take all of the crossover crap out of the way insane things happen. They are exponentially more difficult to manufacture hence they’re exponentially more expensive especially on the high end of the spectrum.

As a Zu owner, I’m enjoying mine very much and would love an opportunity to listen to what throwing 50k more dollars at the concept which clearly Zu still needs to supplement with a tweeter which companies like Voxitive don’t compromise on the philosophy.


If done right, full range speakers can just sound awesome, really natural. There are just too many compromises for it to be viable to compete with more traditional designs in the lower price brackets unfortunately


You ever run across anything Voxativ?

Only at shows, pretty awesome speakers, I haven’t spend enough time with them to really form an opinion

Edit: have a pair now, pretty sweet

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Has any headphone manufacturers tried this type of speaker tech?

Uhhhh I don’t know, aren’t most headphones full range single drivers lol?