Mayflower Arc: For work and play and too much bass

Just a note to say how much I’m enjoying this amp with HD58X, Philips X2, and even cheap headphones, like Status SM-CB1s. Previously was using Micca Origen, and can hear the difference. 3.5mm headphones with the Vmoda boom mic has been seamless for work web meetings. No driver connection problems. And with the convenience of close access on my desktop, rather than reaching behind the PC.

Negatives? Optional bass boost function seems weird. Seems like a giant plop of low-end goop mucking up your favorite song. Anyone else have this amp and found a good use for the feature?

I do not own it, but from what i gather its only useful for headsets that are bass anemic. For most it just over does it and muddies it. Hope this helps.

Good point. Thank you.