Mayflower Arc Mk2 vs Schiit Fulla 3 vs Schiit Hel

What are your opinions on these for gaming? Gonna be used mostly with K7XX, 58X, and AD700 with a ModMic 4 Omni

Schiit Hel looks pretty awesome. Also more future proof than the fulla I think with the gain switch, you’d be able to use it with harder to drive headphones in the future. This is on Schiit’s website:

So why would I spend $90 more on this than Fulla 3?
Because you want more power or flexibility. Hel delivers 4x the power of Fulla 3, it has a gain switch for harder-to-drive or more sensitive headphones, it has a switchable analog input, and it has front-panel adjustable microphone gain and a stereo mic input. If any of those features are important, it might be worth $90 more than Fulla 3 for your needs.

Might get one myself.

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So personally, instead of those arc or the hel, I would instead if on PC get a focusrite Scarlett solo and an amp like the liquid spark or jds atom, and have a better quality mic input and better quality headphone out than the arc and hel. But if you don’t want to spend that the fulla is a decent choice too

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I was considering that, but I use a ModMic so I’d have to buy one of those 3.5mm to XLR adapters and then cables to connect the amp to the interface. That would be closer to the Arc price range, but then the Hel and Fulla 3 would look so much more appealing at that point. Unless the quality will be really that much better. I haven’t seen good in depth review on the Hel and Fulla 3 yet though so I’m not sure if anyone knows exactly how much behind those 2 are from dedicated amps + interfaces.

I don’t really think the arc sounds that great on the mic portion, it almost sounded worse to me than a motherboard mic in. The hel was better when I heard it, but I do think that the solo + a good amp is quality improvement on both fronts. Also it lets you have an upgrade path in the future too. The antlion xlr adapter would be around 25 bucks, and regarding the scarlet, you can look around for deals and probably pick one up for 80 bucks at times.

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How’s the DAC in a USB interface vs the one that would be in the Hel or Fulla?

I think the dac in the scarlett is a bit cleaner but they are somewhat close for the hel. The fulla’s dac lags behind that a bit. The scarlett has a way better adc for the mic as well

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I should say that if you are after the form factor and simplicity, the hel is good for that, but I think the scarlett solo and headphone amp is a step up imo. The hel isn’t bad or anything but I don’t think it sounds as good as the aforementioned stack for a similar price

I appreciate all the help and feedback. I guess the only thing really holding me back now is figuring out which <$100 USB interface has the best DAC

Personally I think it would be the scarlett solo for under 100 usd. PreSonus stuff can be a pita to deal with driver wise, so I wouldn’t recommend those, The Behringer stuff is really good for the price, but I don’t think it sounds as good as the focusrite stuff. Steinberg gear is great but I would say is about equal to the focusrite stuff. Audient gear is a bit above your price range but I think it’s better than the focusrite gear. MOTU is good as well but most likely a bit out of your price range. It just goes higher from there

hey I have had the focusrite scarlett solo 2nd gen for a while but I don’t like the headphone amps in it how do you recommend that I upgrade the sound ? what external amps to you recommend and how do I connect them to the scarlett solo?

What is your budget, what sound signature do you like, what types of headphones will you be using?

You would connect them to the monitor out and hook them up that way. You can pick something like a magni heresy for a clean uncolored sound with lots of power, the liquid spark if you wanted something more relaxed and warmer, or other amps depending on the headphones you have

Thanks for the fast response , I own 58x so not very hard to drive but still looking for somewhat strong amp for future upgrades

100$ or a bit above that unless there is a huge difference in sound quality if I went up in price , I don’t really have a favourite sound signature do neutral I guess and I have 58x from drop

Gotcha, then imo I think the magni heresy would be a very safe bet, loads of power, clean sound, resolving, and overall a high preforming amp for the price imo