🔷 Mayflower ARC MK2

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  • Optical in, USB in, 3.5mm Mic in, 3.5mm analog in, 3.5mm out, RCA out
  • 1 watt @ 32 ohms
  • Bass boost, mic interface, supports PS4 along with PC, USB bus power

:red_circle: Hifiguides Amazon Link


Z Reviews…

I would jump on this if their site used DHL for free international shipping… and maybe do like Linsoul and under-declare for customs purposes. :wink:

Apparently the people at Mayflower also watched the review Zeos did and listened to his recommendations :slightly_smiling_face:
From their website : " Please note: models shipped after 2/25/20 have updated firmware that allows volume control with the front knob to the RCA jacks for more convenience. Front LED has been dimmed as well. If you have a model shipped before this please contact us to get a firmware update."


Has anyone received these with revered audio channels. Optical in works fine in windows, with USB it appears to be reveresed?

I have seen this complaint elsewhere.

Mine ended up being a firmware issue. Returned it and now works perfectly after they updated it.