Measurements are inadequate

Just one example of how far we are from being able to quantify how we perceive sound.


So $15000 speaker cable aint snake oil afterall ?

If you would have a ideal space and fully neutral loudspeakers.
So that they measure perfect with the FR in that space.
Not even hearing them, the music should sound what the music should be.

There is still science between hearing and touching. Also in that sensory area the brain can create “illusions” of things not being or happening where it is happening.
So the brain part is inadequate. :slight_smile:
Also it is a amazing thing if you are lacking some senses by boosting others. Some blind can ride a bike and skate outdoors, using Echo like bat’s. Really amazing stuff.

Music is a evolutionary trick were predisposed to burn money on gear.


Maybe. Maybe not.

Great share.

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