Mechanical keyboard and switch advice

Getting more interested in mechanical keyboards recently. I’m probably going to buy the gmmk TKL for a switch test-bed. I’m getting a bunch of switches to test out and the board next week. I used to go for tactile but tactile+clicky has been interesting to me and I really like the way kailh box white,jade, and pinks sound on youtube sound tests. Also amazon had one day delivery on these weird zuggear T1 switches so i bought 20 to test them out, can always use them on keys i don’t press often or return them if they absolutely suck.

TL:DR Wondering what kind of mechanical switches people like?.?

I kinda wish I was into keyboards, but don’t want to spend the money because I’m cheap (lol). I own a Unicomp Ultra Classic 104 key and a Logitech G19s. Although I have used the logitech to the point where it’s on its last leg, but I can’t find a currently made keyboard like it so I just keep looking

I have Anne Pro II 60% with brown switches. I would use loud switches if I could because they’re fun, but I mostly work at night when the family is sleeping.

I just can’t get how people can be productive with a tkl or below. I need all the keys I can get lol

I had the precursor to the g19 the one with a crappy lcd can’t remember the name. I might still have it lol. Yeah I like arrow keys so I went TKL. Also considered 65% but i think the TKL from gmmk is the best choice since it has a hot swap pcb so you can change the switches to experiment. A lot easier then buying different keyboards to try different switches and often you can’t find keyboards in certain switches.

I’ve heard that keyboards with hot-swappable switches are pretty nice, but I have never used one

Since the thx 887 eta date got shifted to ETA: 11/23/2019 I decided to treat myself to some keyboard fun. I’m super tempted to buy the 789 on massdrop but it has expected ship date of 11/15 so by the time i get it a couple days later the 887 will be out and no need to pre-pay. The gmmk tkl is 60 bucks barebones for now this Keyboard stuff is kind of an experiment. My stuff just shipped from amazon and should get it tomorrow also bought some hm5 pads microsuede and sheepskin ovals to test on various headphones.

They’re not so bad when you utilize layers and aren’t afraid to customize the layout.

I gave up the modifiers on the right in favor of arrows, and TAB is now Delete.

Works great with premiere and reaper. Only problem I’ve had is with StarCraft 2; the function keys are pretty important.

yeah i’ve seen some boards in the 70ish percent with arrows and function they look like 65% but maybe an extra row on each side. For now I went tkl instead of the 60% GMMK compact which also has hotswap switches, mainly for the arrows LoL. Wish they made a gmmk sf at 65%+ or something i would have gotten that. Browns used to be my favorite but since i tried my friends box white board i wanted to try clicky. I get a switch tester and some switches tomorrow and i’ll get more next week or so but there shipping from china I think so i’ll be back tomorrow with an update I’m going to go eat dinner. have a good night.

I have used cherry speed, brown and blue, also gateron reds. All for a good amount of time. Personally my favorite are the cherry speed and gateron reds. I don’t like browns at all because after a bit of time they just feel like scratchy reds. Blue were ok but not for me, clickicty clack is neat at first but gets old pretty quick.

I recently change to 60% at home for general use and gaming. A little bit of mapping for keys in games and I don’t miss the full size at all. I would say that it is dependent on what your personal use is tho.

I currently use both cherry mx brown and blue. I do prefer the blue version for better tactile feedback, and i don’t really mind the sound they make compared to the brown that is a bit quieter. I did use some green switches (like blue switches, but with harder a depress required. Also had a keyboard with red switches, but those really did not suit me at all…

The only reason for not using that keyboard with green switches anymore was that i wanted a wireless keyboard for that computer, so ended up with a filco wireless that had brown switches (blue or green was not an option, at least not for the nordic layout i use).

I do type pretty fast and probably use a bit of force, hence why the harder depress suited me fine, but i know its not for everyone…

I use a Drevo Blademaster pro with cherry blue keys. I’m also going full otaku with my caps thanks to massdrop. For reference this is my first blue switch keyboard and I love it. I have used the newer logitech romer g keys and they seem acceptable, but over time I have preferred all cherry red blue and brown to it. This is bout the closest to no compromise wireless I could find. I’ll likely limit the lighting even more when my keycaps get in.

I’m a traditional type when it comes to my keyboards. Home daily driver has been Unicomp buckling spring keyboards for years. Work daily driver is an IKBC MF87 (tenkeyless keyboard with an aluminium case) with MX Blues.

That’s an awesome otaku keycap set. Amazon sent me the wrong switch tester(gateron instead of kailh box). I did like the zealios(still think they are overpriced) and the gat blue and greens(not worth returning and makes a good fidget toy).the weird T1 on amazon are decent. I just ordered the custom kailh pack(from novelkeys). The box pink, jade, and navy for clicky and the box royal, hako and hako royal for tactile are what I find the most interesting. so when i get those i’ll try to figure out what i want to do.