Metal remixes/remakes of popular pop/rock songs

Starting hard: Arsis - Sunglasses at Night (Original by Corey Hart)

Dope - Rebel Yell (Original by Billy Idol)

Chrome Division - Ghostriders in the Sky (Original by… Stan Jones, from 1948 apparently!)

Ten Masked Men - Eye of the Tiger (Original by Survivor)

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there are plenty of pop vs punk albums if I remember

Raintime - Beat It (Original by Michael Jackson)
Warning: Holy shit don’t listen to this with treble-y headphones there are weird, loud 15khz+ sounds in this one.

Sonic Syndicate - All About Us (…yeah, the original is from TATU).

Oh well, I just found this one.
Machine Head - Message in a Bottle (original by The Police).

This entire channel

Marlyn Manson has a few covers that i find pretty good…

Sweet dreams

Tainted love

My favourite artist of all time.
He’s also got ‘God’s gonna cut you down’
‘You’re so vain’
Both of which are covers but I can’t remember who the originals were by and I cant be asked to link as I’m on my phone.