Metal571 and Resolve streaming and talking about headphones

Thought some people might find it of interest.


I’d like to see more of that in the future :+1:


yeah, im sure he’ll be doing more like that with different people. And I guess metal said he plans to probably come back to start doing videos again around March or so. Guess he just needed a break.

I’ll be happy to see him back in action… good news

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In March Metal plans to start doing live Q&A on YouTube. And when he wants to do a review he’ll start the Q&A with an informal mini-review then take questions on it.

BTW: I’m finding his Twitter account very useful. For example, he posted an FR graph done by Audeze of the LCD-1 presented with their in-house FR target plus the latest Harman target as overlays.

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Okay, that’s cool. Well even a QA is perfectly fine to me. I don’t really need the super in depth stuff… I do appreciate just general impressions more than anything from as many sources as possible.

Actually, good chance you’ll get both. For his previous, long form, reviews Metal would create a set of notes over extensive listening sessions, then essentially read from that during the review. Once he went Patreon he made the notes for each review available to his patrons before making the review. In his good-bye vid he mused about ending his Patreon and making subsequent notes for a headphone available to everyone.

I look forward to his return, there was something really great about such an obviously nice guy with no axe to grind giving his impressions and doing it with a sense of perspective. I love Zeos as well, he does it a little differently and is great entertainment and makes a lot of properly good points but I think we need a range of views and Metal was (is) one of the headphone reviewers I enjoy and value along with Z.