Meters OV-1-Tan

Check out these Meters OV-1-Tan headphones. has a VU meter in it. anyone heard?:

I’m sorry but this looks ridiculous lol, you can’t even see them yourself, not to mention I have great respect for someone willing to wear that in public lol (idk perhaps it’s steampunk or something lol)


Sure you can you just need the right combination of mirrors…


Can they be muffled with TP?
Well basically you could check the level and not go to loud…

Looks steam punk, interesting.

they look cool, but it seems more novelty than legit

It looks like the SPL Phonitor and an Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 had a wild night together and 9 months later this surprise was born, lol.


Pretty cool use of the VU meter:

probably ignore it but its there

Ah yes, so other’s can shame you for your music listening habits lol. I wonder how that is calibrated and if it’s actually accurate

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Highly doubt it

They more likely “guidelines” than actual levels…
If you go above the halfway mark, you probably doing something… not good.
Like licking the power outlet might not be healthy for you but might give the biggest kick yet.

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I actually really like the look would go well with my a Casio watch

Just adding an FYI for future reference. The real reason for the VU meter is that the company “Meters” is from Ashdown Engineering, a bass (and guitar) amp company who’s known for their VU meters on all their amps (Kinda like McIntosh).

I Tested a couple of them and Thea are absolutely horrible.
Look meh, Feel solid and Sound meh.
But the clamping Pressure Thea exude is soul and headcrushing. The give me a headache After 1 minute in wearing them, because the vu Part oder the Cup ist so thick. They Look like the heddphones When you wear them, baut there ins no redemption for them Cause the reason for all This bullshit is the vu gimmik.
This truly could only come from kickstarter, because they made a render, sold it to people and then had to figure out the details.