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  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back Planar

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Z Reviews…

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Tis the season to empty your bank account! :joy:

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The Ultimate Headphone Showdown: Meze Empyrean II vs Elite vs Empyrean


Have you tried the ZMF Atrium? Trying to see how the empy V2 sounds compared to it as a daily driver headphone.

Received my Empyrean 2, that I ordered back in November 2023 from a small seller with a 10% discount, like a week ago. In the long waiting time I was thinking about cancel it a few times and even after I got it the package was sitting unopened in a cabinet for almost a week while thinking about it I should sell it unopened. Mainly because my general listening time went down over the last several months. In the end I decided to give them a shot.

After putting them on the first thing I noticed how comfortable they are despite their size and ~450g (with pads) with a good clamping force which well spread and no Hotspot. Second thing is that they are not extremely open and isolate a little bit, at least compared with the hifimans that I had in the past.

Starting the first song was not the Wow factor I was hoping for. They sounded a little closed in and too thick in the mid-bass. Watching reviews during the waiting time I already knew that changing to the Alcantara pads would help. Switched the pads which is super easy due to the magnetic system and the sound was cleaner now but with missing sub bass. EQ’d back the bass with a low shelf filter of +10db coming down at around 125 Hz.

In this configuration I enjoy them more than stock with the Duo pads. It also helped with the stage a little but it is still no Hd800 (from memory).

Listening for a few hours I was already thinking about if should keep them or not. They are good, very good but worth the price? 10x times better than the Aune AR5000? (the only other full sized headphone I have here right now) which I liked better than the HD 490 Pro. Already checking ebay and seeing there are two other used Empy 2 for sell around 2100 Euro. Thinking about having a 700 euro loss by selling them was not very pleasing…

Continued to listen for a few hours and changed back to the Ar5000. Aunes now sounded so plasticy, less wide, pads don’t adjust to the head as nicely…

Guess I should keep them. Running them off an BTR7 with high gain and Boost ON at around 40 from 60 at the moment. Probably keep my eyes open for a good (used) deal on a Fiio Q15 or Q7 in the future to upgrade the source at least a little bit.

I just read your post while I’m listening to the Emphy II myself.

I’m sorry that you seem a little disappointed, but considering your amp/DAC combinations, I can understand that a little.

I don’t know if you’ve already seen Z.'s video on the Emphy II, but he’s certainly right when he says that the higher the quality of your upstream sound chain, the better the sound quality of these headphones.

Unlike the Elite, these headphones are much more dependent on the source chain.

I love the Emphy II on tubes with a Holo Cyan 2 upstream, oh man, a feast for the ears.


Are there already special color editions of the Empyrean 2 or are these Elites on your picture? Looks so much more special than the boring all black Empyrean 2. Empyrean 1 with the copper grill looks better than the Empyrean 2 in my opinion.

This is the Sunset Edition of the Emphy II,

there will be a white Edition coming out soon.


and a 109 AER


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So you’re telling me I can buy another 109…but in a different color?

My wallet: “Shit.”

Actually it is 105 pro. Cheaper material, not the same driver but only around $400