Meze Empyrean 2 Amp/DAC pairing

I love my Empyrean OG but I’m considering upgrading to the new MK2 version. I know how incredibly easy these headphones can be to drive so I know they don’t really benefit from having tons of power. With that in mind, I want to upgrade amp and DAC from a Schiit Asgard 3 and modious to something much better. I want a fun, detailed, and clear sound. I find my current setup has a little fuzziness to details compared to what I know is possible. I want like a dead background with nothing but a clear representation of the sound. I’ve been recommended things like the bifrost 2/64 and soloists 3XP for other headphones I was considering but I didn’t know if those would still be ideal recordations for the Empyrean MK2. My max for the amp DAC would be about 2K and I’m okay considering both new and used gear. I’d put about 1k in and try and sell my og pair for like 1-1.5 depending on what people might be willing to pay for it. Any thoughts or recommendations to help me reach my ideal sound is appreciated.