MH751's < DT990 Pro's?

I’ve been using the Coolermaster MH751’s for about a year now. I keep trying different ways of improving the imaging and soundstage to access a better audio experience when I’m trying to play FPS games. I also listen to various music ranging between metal and songs with lots of vocals. So I ask the question, would it be worth getting the DT990 Pro’s for an improvement? Or would it be a pointless purchase? I don’t require a microphone as I use a desktop mic. I also don’t own a Dac/Amp, would that be worth getting Instead of a new pair of headphones at a competitive level? (sorry very new to audio and the like).

I don’t think the 990 would be a great choice without a DAC/amp. Maybe look at trying something like the Sennheiser 38x? Or the 58x, or even the shp9500 just to see what you think about gaming with an open back.

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I personally don’t like them much but I’d still recommend you to go for the hd560s for your case, I’d personally take the 58x over it cause it has a warmer tuning, but imaging and soundstage are a big deal better on the 560s, better example of an open back coming from the 751s, both of them are fairly easy to drive too.

You might want to look at and amp and dac or an amp/dac combo unit, before getting a new set, maybe something like an IFI zen dac would be a great choice (along with an SHP 9500 and you are still under 200$). It’s not that most headphones wouldn’t run without one, its that a lot of them really benefit from using one.

The best way i can describe it its like eating something without any spices, ya its still food, but it loses a lot without it.

The 990 is a definite improvement it’s just kind of a matter of powering the unit. If you want basically the same gaming performance but much easier to drive I would honestly look at the tygr instead

Thank you so much for the replies! I’m definitely looking into probably getting either the 560s or the 58x for sure. Would they benefit from a dac amp like the Shciit Fulla? If I need to spend more I might just wait for a while until I can gather some money together

They would definitely benefit. They are easy to drive but are sensitive enough to pick up noise from a pc and will benefit from a cleaner source than a motherboard. Personally I’m partial to the 58x.

I tend to agree, the 58x is much more enjoyble to me at least the the 560s
and ya the Fulla is a fine choice and would work great - the main reason i start off with the IFI is the X-bass, which just a “fun button”

if you like things with nice vocals, stay away from the 990s. The V shape kills all the life in the vocals. Something from senheiser would fit your uses perfectly.

lfattenned pads fed out of the liquid plat or spark though… actually makes vocals pretty nice out of these. at least relative to stock new pads out of a linear amp

I tried flattening the pads but not much changed. Oh well. I mean compared to the magical vocal of the nighthawks ig it was an unfair fight.

fair… my 990 gerts the most ear time out of all my cans but yeah the 990 aint what I pick if I want nice mids.

you would want an amp and dac for beyers… infact most headphones you will want an amp and dac… don’t really need anything ultra expensive though… soundblaster g6 is probably the gamers best friend for those on a heavy budget to my knowledge… as it can drive 600 ohm beyers without sounding like absolute trash. There are a couple other cheaper options but they have some other issues. k5 pro is a solid alternative if you can get it at the right price otherwise just go to the entry levels at the $200 price bracket. you can get them used for $70 apiece so $140 if you shop right.

990 though in comparison? completely bests mh751 in every single bracket except mid presence. Soundstage is large and airy, imaging is laser accurate, treble is raised and analytical putting fps sounds forward, mids are somewhat recessive(depends on the ohm of the 990, 600 ohm has best results if you can drive one), bass is raised but controllable… it is a bit too much but a slight drop from an EQ brings them completely in line for fps